What I’ve Learned About Selflessness: It’s a Winning Strategy
Selflessness is a winning strategy when it is dedicated to a worthwhile cause or goal that is larger than any single individual. Dictionary definitions of selflessness highlight a narrow view of this concept with a focus on phrases such as “no concern for oneself” or “putting other’s needs above your own”. In practice selflessness is […]
How To Welcome All Your Feelings (Even The Difficult Ones) And Dissolve Any Resistance
Allow Your Feelings To Flow Through You Think about a recent negative emotion you experienced? Was it anger, sadness, fear, or something else? What was your first inclination when you noticed the emotion? Resist it, ignore it or push it down? Regrettably, this is how many people react when unwelcomed emotions surface. From a young […]
I Wrote A Book As Part of My Therapy
Last January my mother finally admitted that I was the real problem in her life. She made this declaration passionately as she extended her arm and pointed dramatically at me. She told me that I had turned the family and even her doctors against her by telling things that were not true. She went on […]
The Reality of Life – What Is Truth What Is Fake
The Reality of Life… What Is Truth What is Fake Have you ever asked yourself, “What the heck is going on?”. Well I decided to share the truth with you versus the illusion. We currently live in the matrix… hence: the illusion. It’s an illusion because first and foremost earth is not your home. Every […]
Your Mind Is Like a Guitar
I’m always impressed by the engineering involved with musical instruments. Take a guitar, for example. A few simple strings, each of which looks pretty similar to the naked eye. A hole, opening to a large cavity. Yet everything is so precise and meticulous that, together, it can create beauty. Making the strings vibrate can produce […]
Synchronicity And “How It Is”
Work with yourself in harmony and you will ultimately reap wonders. Panic and you will reap the whirlwind. Sometimes, in crisis moments, you feel you want to go crazy and do something “stupid”. My advice is do not: For if you keep on past quitting time productively and consciously, most often, the mind will give […]
How to Craft Affirmations That Work
Affirmations can be a big help in creating the things, experiences, relationships, careers, spiritual growth and bank accounts you want. But, if done incorrectly they can come back to bite you. The important thing to remember about affirmations is imagining you already have what you want and tuning into the feeling that brings you. Here are some […]
The Best Actions Are Thought Out The Best
Life and existence are not all for nothing. Like the best plans and actions that are worked out ideally, the better you plan, the more patient you are in it, and the more realistic you are. The better the results always are. Indeed, without patience, planning, repeatable success and realistic thinking, you had better think […]
The Target To Be Hit
In life (and beyond it), we all have a purpose to achieve, and it motivates us from deep. That purpose is genuine, raw survival. However we sweeten the reality of it, however we may deny that is all there is, however the justifications may come: That is it. When I think about survival and reality, […]
“You Suffer From Survivors Guilt”
In the final episode of season five of Arrow, Slade says to Oliver that he “suffers from survivor’s guilt”. After this, Slade says that he can’t get over the death of his father and that he needs to forgive himself. Confused, Oliver asks what he needs to forgive himself for, to which Slade replies “you […]
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