The Best Actions Are Thought Out The Best

Life and existence are not all for nothing. Like the best plans and actions that are worked out ideally, the better you plan, the more patient you are in it, and the more realistic you are. The better the results always are. Indeed, without patience, planning, repeatable success and realistic thinking, you had better think about permanent failure being an option. For, success, realistically, that is repeatable without depending on luck requires the skill of patience, planning, and realistic thinking at the very least. All avenues of failure explored in a Thomas Edison “fail ten thousand times at creating the light bulb” type way at the very most. For the worst actions are poorly thought out, and done without preparations depending purely on luck without the patience to fail forward to permanent success.

In this vein, I think of the child who stomped on the seed to make it grow quicker into a plant instead of watering, feeding and cultivating the plant.

Impatience with results never works, patience, understanding and tolerance always works like watering, feeding, cultivating and giving time to do the work in reality.

Listen, I would rather consistently fail, know all the things that would fail, and then genuinely succeed knowing all the downfall points, failure triggers and “pot holes” than to succeed once through luck and know nothing about how to genuinely repeat the success.

The best actions and results are thought out the best without question. This in a reality is what I am taking all of these paragraphs to spell out. Success to be repeatable, needs a realistic and full understanding of where failure happens, and that happens in not any other way than practicing then succeeding.

Face it, “normal people” want “something for nothing” as evidenced by all the money spent on national and state lottery tickets. But, it is the “abnormal person” willing to do the work that is really special although that “special status” is genuinely hard earned and worked for with trial, error, and willing to put in the time, effort and understanding to repeatedly succeed. It is those few that are the real “one percent”, and the “normal people” that are that “ninety nine percent” that depend on luck and fortune that is not repeatable or realistically inclined.

Do we not all wish? Even if we are genuinely willing work hard, do we not all wish? Usually to get past “wishing”, we must give backing. That, right there, is my point also. Depend on fortune, get something that usually cannot be repeated. Depend on effort and understanding, and repeat genuinely. That is the bottom line in reality and the key choice of existence.

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