The Target To Be Hit

In life (and beyond it), we all have a purpose to achieve, and it motivates us from deep. That purpose is genuine, raw survival. However we sweeten the reality of it, however we may deny that is all there is, however the justifications may come: That is it.

When I think about survival and reality, they are the only laws “above God almighty themselves”. The fantasy is that “the bearded man in the sky is going to save us without earning a thing” or “the lady of the lake will deliver Excalibur magically without any effort”. I am here to say, sorry, the easy elevator to a great reality is broken, but the stairs to it are always there.

So, in existence we all have a target to hit, and that target and purpose is survival. The bow, arrow, gun, weapon or projectile is the way we use reality itself. So, think and think deeply about this, you miss one hundred percent of the shots you do not take at all. Sure, you miss and hit sometimes when you take shots, but when you do not risk taking the shot, you miss fully and totally.

So, the goal we all want to achieve is desirable survival.

So, here is undesirable survival defined: When a person has to cheat, steal, murder, trick, maim, destroy in seemingly unnecessary ways just to survive. That is undesirable survival. Even the worst of us at a very deep level does not want to survive like that, although deep conscious needs to get it right genuinely can be ultimately overwhelmed by deeply placed suggestions that “the wrong way is more desirable than doing it the right way”. (This is the societal phenomenon known as negative sublimation, look it up in any DSM/Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or any online search engine encyclopedia) Indeed, though, there are good ways to go and bad ways to go, and when bad ways look better than right ways, all that is happening is wrong suggestions to yourself that automatically miss the mark if followed and the mark is desirable survival, that is it.

Good is a state of being, and bad is a state of being. Good is a reality of self-benefit and desirable survival. Bad is everything undesirable, however justified. There are not any gray areas in my thinking about this fact, nor are there doubts.We all get what we give,

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