Who’s Writing Your Narrative?

We’re living in turbulent times. Illness has been in the headlines for months on a global scale. We are bombarded with numbers, on a daily basis, of the number infected and the number dead. Media broadcasts the mass graves being dug in South America. We also see forty-five hundred trumpet players who at the same […]

The Mounting Crisis Within

One can not help think that the horrific actions of 4 police officers set off a chain of events when they brutally murdered George Floyd. They knew full well that their actions decimated the rule of law, violated civil rights, and out right committed murder with malicious intent. As a result coinciding with other police […]

When Will We Ever Learn

The temptations of today far outreach the level of civility. There has always been periods in history where man loses sight of what is good and virtuous. Today, is no different. Much of society has succumbed to an acceptance, a form of behavior consistent with patterns long since past. A past where too many were […]

Skip A Rope

This is a parable of Henson Cargill’s 1968 hit Skip A Rope.” Listen to your children while they play. Isn’t it kinda funny what the children say. Momma hates daddy, daddy hates mom, you should have heard the fight they had. Last night we all woke up to a terrible scream. Gave little sister another […]

A Nation Torn From The Inside Out

As someone once said the times they are changing. I guess from a personal perspective no truer words could have said it best. Who ever thought that years ago our society would now be overwhelmed with not only a deadly pandemic but a world filled with hate, suffering and unimaginable horror where countless millions desperately […]

Why I Am Fortunate to Have Been Raised in Poverty

A short time ago, I became eligible for my Covid vaccine. I embraced the chance. I was never worried about catching Covid, or dying from it. I am old enough to know death is always around the corner. I am also fortunate to have had such a wealth of experiences in life that I probably […]

The Human Factor

The state of perpetual inequality that exists today has incensed millions of Americans. The harsh realities of life have been completely oblivious to a government and certain individuals that could make a difference but don’t. They have been existing for the sole purpose of self glorification and self preservation. The needs of millions of Americans […]

Enhancing The Human Condition

Back in college there was an old Professor that stood tall in lecture halls. A billowing booming voice that could wake even the sleepiest of us sitting in those God forsaken wooden chairs back when Universities were so barren of all the technologies and convinces of today. I remember as though it was yesterday. Professor […]

Explaining the Unexplainable

For some time scientists all too often find it so hard to rationalize that certain mysteries like the Piri Reis Map always have to have man’s interpretation of known logical answers. There are many instances all through-out history that man has failed to fully understand how such an event, relic, or a sighting occurred. To […]

Our Complex World

I guess in memory is where one finds solitude of what used to be. Maybe it is just myself but lately the times of today just may justify my eagerness to live in a time of simpler tones. But, even then the world faced horrific upheavals. I still can’t help but thinking that today I […]