How To Look Good Without Spending A Fortune

Can you name someone in your acquaintances who do not want to look good? You will not find a woman who does not care about her looks. All women are beauty conscious and receiving compliments on your looks makes your day, isn’t it? Beauty does not come free of cost. You have to spend countless […]

Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing

Is permanent cosmetic tattooing permanent? If you are asking does it last a lifetime? No. Most tattoos for the eyebrows, eye liner, lip lining, and coloring of lips and facial cheeks last one to five years. Maintenance is scheduled monthly or yearly. The reasons people want permanent makeup includes: Time saving Lack of hair Desire […]

3 Ways to Keep You From Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is not only painful and uncomfortable, it’s also a very difficult habit to break. Most people who bite their nails don’t even notice they are doing it until they fingertips are raw and their cuticles look and feel a mess. But as with other habits, there are ways to stop yourself and […]

Surprising Ways Botox Can Be Useful Other Than Wrinkles

The majority of the people’s experience with Botox has been limited to a particular location – between the eyebrows. Dermatologists say that 90 percent of Botox is used on the forehead, addressing crow’s feet and between the eyebrows. That being said, about 5 to 10% of Botox treatments are done on unexpected areas, several times […]

How to Apply Face Base Primer For Pore Minimiser

Makeup primer is an important step towards creating the right base. It fills in the pores on the skin, smoothing out the blemishes and imperfections. The layer of primer helps lock the hydration into the skin; it is usually applied after moisturiser and before the foundation. Primer helps create a smooth canvas for the makeup, […]

Use Nature’s Prescription for Your Beauty

There is a common saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The elixir of beauty and the quest to immortalize youth and beauty has led to the development of countless beauty products. But there is no better way to maintain one’s beauty than by using what nature prescribes best. Some of the […]

Are Cosmetics Tested On Animals

The issue of animal testing for cosmetic development and the ensuring of cruelty free trials for makeup products is one that strikes a chord with many people. We will give a brief outline of some of the evidence to allow you the ability to make up your own mind and to feel confident that you […]