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  • Facts and Figures About Our TV Habits (and 5 Ways to Break the Patterns)

    From television to computers to cell phones, technology surrounds us. Without a doubt technology has opened many doors for us. Access to the internet promotes the spread of ideas and information, access to television allows us to view art in the form of films, and access to cell phones allows us to call our loved […]

  • Real Self-Defense Why Settle For Less Than The Truth

    Real Self-Defence “Why Settle For Less Than The Truth” What you are about to find out is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. The truth is, most of what you have read or been told about men or women’s self-defence is just plain rubbish. Most of what is taught is useless in a real […]

  • Kickboxing Basics

    Kickboxing has various forms, points, light contact, full contact, K1 and low kick all require variable differences according to style, however all have key areas in common. Many coaches and fighters alike train in a multitude of formats utilising outdated and. Incorrect techniques and systems. As a fighter you need to be aware of the […]

  • Dynamic Warm Up Keeps You Safer and More Prepared

    Gone are the days of a static stretching before a workout. Whether you are out for a run, on the court for a pick up game of basketball, or cycling your butt off, you will need your body to be ready for whatever you throw at it. When you start with static stretching, tiny tears […]

  • 3 Hypnotic Ways to Learn to Love Exercise

    You might be surprised by how flexible – and programmable – your own preferences are. You can, for example, learn to love exercise. Even if you dislike it now. Even if you hate it. There are all sorts of behavioural tricks you can try. Things like rewarding yourself after a workout, doing something to psyche […]

  • Just Show Up and Dance… The Positive Benefits of Dancing

    When it comes to fitness and cardiovascular activities, dancing is often overlooked and underrated. The beautiful thing about many of the dance styles, types, or genres is this: you don’t need a partner. You only need yourself and the proper footwear. Mary, for example, has always loved to dance. She can’t remember a time when […]

  • Does This Supplement Solve the Exercise Paradox?

    Even though exercise is one of the best ways to improve your ability to deal with stress, exercise itself is stressful. Or at least it should be. That’s the paradox. There are many different health benefits to all sorts of exercise and movement. But to enjoy the cardio-protective effects of exercise, or to build muscle and […]

  • Athletic Shoes That I Recommend

    There are too many shoes to keep track of this year but these are a few that I suggest you consider. I will mention a few shoes that I believe you will all like and that are extremely comfortable when wearing. Some of these shoes are from Nike and others from Adidas. These will also […]

  • Buy Shoes For Comfort Rather Than Style

    I explained this on a couple of posts but I will keep saying it, when you go shopping for a shoe you should put comfort before the style of the shoe. For me, this is crucial because you are actually wearing the shoes, the stylish part is more so for the viewer not the person […]

  • The How and Why of Strengthening Your Heart Through Aerobics

    The Benefits of a Healthy Heart From the soles of your feet to the hair on your head, your heart is the engine that pumps fuel to every functioning component of your body. Improving your circulation will ensure that your entire body is receiving the blood, nutrients, oxygen, and hormones it needs to perform optimally. […]