The 1967 Camaro – A Legendary Classic Car

It is my opinion that the 1967 Camaro is one of the finest muscle cars ever built. It is simply a work of art, an awesome piece of machinery, and a big old slice of Americana. The Camaro is like a woman, it is shaped just right. The long hood and short deck styling gives […]

Owning a Classic Car – The Basics

Owning a classic car is a dream for many people. It can however be a costly and time consuming hobby. Classic car ownership has many subtle differences to owning a regular vehicle and so potential buyers should take their time before making their purchase. Where to Buy Just as with buying an everyday vehicle buyers […]

Why Vintage Car Shows Are So Popular

There are all kinds of auto shows all over the world and there are only a few that actually feature vintage cars. So if you want to go to one of these types of car shows then you need to get online and find out where they are located because if you don’t figure out […]

Classic Cars For Sale

Building, restoring and or looking for Classic Cars for Sale, Classic Muscle Cars for Sale, and Classic Cars and Trucks for Sale has be come a tremendous hobby for the baby boomers. They seem not to be able to get enough of those big shiny and in many cases very fast cars of the 50s, […]

5 Classic Car Care Tips for a Trouble-Free Summer of Fun

Summer is right around the corner, and soon you’ll be dusting off that vintage iron in your garage in anticipation of warm days and cool nights spent cruising the boulevards of your hometown and beyond. Even high gasoline prices won’t spoil the fun. But the winter of rest can really put a damper on the […]

Classic Car Buying Tips

Guys who buy classic cars face two challenges: these cars are often purchased sight unseen from someone halfway across the state or across the country, and the money outlay for classic cars can be great while the warranties and guarantees are scanty. This is not like buying a new car, where you get to test […]

Classic Car Sales Tips

When a man comes to the drastic decision of selling his classic car, it can be very difficult. Even if one is not a collector, a vintage car model is called such for a reason and the seller may well have had it in his possession since he was a teenager. However painful it may […]

Classic Car Covers

Classic cars are a thing of pride for their owners. They are head turners wherever they go and every year, in countless shows all across the nation and the world, owners display classic cars with pride. A classic car is a testament to the history of the times. Classic cars require special treatment and care […]

How To Repair Rust In Your Classic Car Body

I thought that I’d delve in to an article about fixing rust in the body of your classic car, this is a huge problem if your buying or own a classic cars that came from a place near the sea, or a place where they use salt on the roads to melt the snow, rust […]