Electric Vehicles Pose Risks for Emergency Responders

In a crisis, first responders rely on their experience and training to safely deal with dangerous situations. As the world moves toward a future where electric vehicles become mainstream, these men and women require new skills to confront unfamiliar electrical and mechanical systems. The risk of untrained people interacting with high voltage from an EV […]

What Are Clutch Failures?

A clutch failure is when your car and the whole system and engine won’t work. Don’t forget that a manual transmission engine can’t function without a clutch. The correct amount of voltage needs to reach the coils inside the engine. Too little voltage will result in your engine overheating leading up to burnt out components […]

Common Driver Mistakes That Cause Vehicular Damage

There are so many actions car owners do simply out of habit when driving their vehicles. Actions such as putting on our seatbelts after we sit down, checking the rearview mirror before backing up, or plugging in our music before taking off for the day. Similarly, there are several other things we do that are […]

Sounds to Listen Out For When Driving

Driving is a task everyone is bound to do sooner or later. The downside is that not everyone knows the different sounds a car makes and what they mean. Here are few sounds that you should familiarise yourself with. Hissing Sounds Generally when you hear a hissing sound it means that there is air escaping […]

How to Keep Your Wheel Wells Clean

Although many car parts are not seen on the surface, it’s important to keep everything as clean as possible including the wheel wells. Firstly, what is a wheel well? This is the part that surrounds the wheel and tyre from behind thus making a protective enclosure and space for the tyre to fit in. Before […]

Do You Need A Freightliner Repair?

Smooth and effective transportations happen to be the prime requisite for numerous businesses. Running a business isn’t easy, and product delivery is an integral part of it. Companies dealing in product manufacturing, production, and delivery are always on the lookout for smooth and hassle-free transportations. It’s here that they need to ensure perfect maintenance and […]

Brake Pad Replacement: When to Get New Brake Pads

The brakes are one of the most changed parts on your car. Why? They get changed so often because they are also used the most. Think about it. To slow down you use them, to stop at a traffic light or at intersection you use them again. You use them all the time while you’re […]

The Need for a Reversing Camera in Older Cars

Not everyone can afford the latest vehicles, especially if you are elderly and on a fixed income. When my old Nissan Datsun 280C vehicle reached a point where it required major repairs it was better to sell it and get a newer model. It was a wonderful car and was fitted with a lot of […]

Dealing With Gear Issues on an Automatic Car

The most luxurious cars in the world are automatic cars with stunning finishes. Unfortunately, the best cars also gain problems over time and it should be taken seriously. Gear Issues are problems that are associated with the gearbox. Sometimes your car will leak fluid from the transmission. This might be one of the serious problems […]