Is Curb Appeal on Your List?

So you are selling your home. This is a big deal, especially if this is the first home you are selling. You are finding out during these economic problems that it is very difficult to sell your home. Unfortunately, we are in the middle of a time when homes are at a surplus and it affects everyone who is trying to sell. Not to worry though, there will come a day when you will eventually get out of this seller's market.

So let's consider some items you may have on a "To Do List" when it comes to selling your home:

- House is clean and things put in order

- Lawn looks respectable

- Put in hardwood floors

- Paint the interior to a neutral color

- Add a nice scent to the indoors such as air fresheners

- Take down pictures to give the potential buyer an opportunity to daydream about how they would decorate the walls

- Paint the exterior

- Wash the windows

- Power wash the siding

- Power wash the driveway

- Clean the chimney

- Hire a realtor

These are some things that you may have considered when preparing your home to sell. One question: Do you have curb appeal on your list? Some of you reading this article do not know what curb appeal is. Some of you have heard of curb appeal but are not sure exactly what it means. In my article,"Curb Appeal is Essential," I explain what curb appeal is and why it is important.

In fact, curb appeal is essential to your home's value and re-sell ability. If your home is going to sell, it will first sell from the curb, GUARANTEED! A potential home buyer will not be interested in your home if they do not get a sense of "home" from the curb. (Caveat: I understand there are home buyers who look for older homes as fixer uppers, but I am not including these buyers. The majority of home buyers are looking for a home which can be home the moment they walk in without the worries of fixing up the property.)

Curb appeal is so essential that without it you will leave precious equity on the table. The truth is this, curb appeal is essential to your home's value, sell ability, re-sell value, appreciation and value stability. If you do not maintain your curb appeal, your home will not reach its fullest value potential.

I want to stress to those who are selling your home or those who are about to sell your home: Do not forget to add curb appeal to your list of things to do.

A mailbox you may be asking? Yes, a mailbox. Once you see these mailboxes and the potential they will give your curb appeal you will understand why this is the #1 selling mailbox.

Please come take a look at these mailboxes and see for yourself. The dollar amount for these mailboxes is worth every penny. These mailboxes are not just a box on a post; they are an addition to your investment. In other words, they add value to your curb appeal, therefore adding value to your home. Mailboxes are not your standard box and post anymore. The Imperial mailboxes are designed with one goal in mind: "To Enhance the Value of Your Home's Curb Appeal," which adds overall value to your home.

When making your To Do list in preparation to sell your home, add a mailbox to your list. It will add curb appeal to your home.