Training Your Cat Has Its Benefits

Cats may not necessarily want to live a typically solitary life, even though most times they do just that.

Cats are loving by nature and many cats are incredibly affectionate. You just need to demonstrate your leadership and initiate the rapport building process.

Just because the average owner has very little need to attempt to train their cat in any way, they are often underestimated when it comes to training. There is no need to train a cat in the basics like house training and bathing, unlike dogs. Relatively few owners are aware of their cat's abilities in this area.

A fantastic way to enrich your cat's life is training!

  • You and your cat build a strong connection
  • It helps curb dominant behavior because training underlines your authority
  • Your cat's mind stays active and stimulated.
  • It teaches good social skills and it is great interactive play
  • The repetition and routine of training reassures anxious and high strung cats.

Practical tips for training your cat
- Patience must be kept in the forefront of your mind. Your cat has his or her own abilities and preferences not to mention being an individual. He may struggle with some tricks and pick others up rather quickly. Don't lose your temper if it doesn't go according to schedule and make allowances for his personality.
- Stop free-feeding your cat (This is leaving the food out at all times for him or her to eat when they feel like it). There are two main benefits for doing this: it introduces a routine into your cat's life and it increases the reward value of treats as training aides.
- Be smart when training your cat. Schedule training sessions just before meal times if you are using food treats (which is recommended to get the results you are looking for). To increase your cat's focus and increase his desire to obey you, use his natural desire for food at his regular mealtime.
- Start Small. Before attempting to expand your cat's repertoire, make sure to build up a solid foundation of the basics when training your cat.
- Keep lessons short and interesting as cats have a pretty short attention span and a low boredom threshold, and always try to keep it positive.