How To End A Business Relationship

Sometimes it becomes necessary to end a business relationship. It doesn't necessarily mean that something is wrong with the person as a human being, but it may mean that you've both outgrown each other.

Reasons to End a Client Relationship

1. They Make Unreasonable Demands

Remember that what is unreasonable to you is reasonable to them, so it's best not to confront them on this behavior but rather try to set limits. If you try to set limits and they won't let you, it may be time to end the relationship because you are a bad fit.

2. They Keep Trying to Make You Reduce Your Rates

Anyone who agrees on a rate, then keeps trying to talk you down, doesn't respect your business. They may even think of you as an employee or a liability instead of a partner in their business. If the issue of pay comes up a lot, it may be a good idea to move on.

3. They Are Slow Payers

Any client who won't pay on time on a consistent basis is a liability to your business and your cash flow. If you have an agreement to get paid in a certain way, you should get paid. Give your client a warning and set a three strikes and you're out rule.

4. They Don't Listen

When a client hires you as an expert in your niche but they will not listen to anything you have to contribute, yet they still want you to be responsible for ROI, you have a serious problem that has to be fixed. If you cannot fix it, let them go.

5. They Are Unresponsive

If you ask for information and they won't ever give it to you or are often late with the information, and it affects how you perform your duties, it may be best to let the client go. Their unresponsiveness can ruin your schedule and affect not only the work you do for them but also the work you do for others.

6. They Are Disrespectful

When you feel as if someone is disrespecting you, ask them if they're saying what you think they are saying so that they can clarify. If they are being disrespectful, it's time to part ways.

The Best Ways to End the Client Relationship

1. Look at Your Contract

Check the contract to see what the rules and methods of ending the relationship are and stick to that.

2. Keep It Business Related

Even though sometimes ending a client relationship feels personal, it's best if you don't get personal but keep it all business.

3. Give Notice

In most cases it's best to give notice according to the contract. Usually this is a month's notice. But, if the relationship is contentious you may try to end it sooner.

4. Refund Money

If you work on a retainer, be sure to refund any part of the money you've not yet earned. Even if your contract says you will not offer refunds, it's better to do that as you'll leave on a higher note.