Do Your Clients Really Know You?

For your business to thrive, clarity about your audience is a cornerstone. You just can't market effectively if you don't know who you're marketing to. Everything you do in marketing, all the decisions, the plans, even the wording of individual social media posts, is built around knowing your audience.

That's one side of the equation. You may know your audience, but does your audience know you?

Sure, they can see your social media presence and your website. They might even have met you in person or, more likely these days, have seen in you in a Zoom webinar or meeting, or another online forum.

People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Do your prospects and clients really know you? How can you help them get to know you and your business? How can you build their trust?

One way is to share your values with your potential and current clients.

Values are the foundation of your impact. Everything you do, consciously or unconsciously, is based on what you believe to be important. Your values are revealing of who you are, and what it's like to deal with your business.

Share your business' values with the people who buy from you, or may buy from you.

I've been moved by all I've seen in recent months to share my company's values in a much more explicit way. Seeing people courageously speak up about anti-racism, #metoo, the environment, and other issues inspired me.

That's why I created a values statement for Work Alchemy (click the link in orange right below the image). People deserve to know where they're spending their time and money.

It helps to know what people are willing to advocate for. You have likely made a buying decision in recent weeks based on the values of the company.

Give people a chance to get to know your business more deeply, more intimately. Get clear on your business' values and tell your prospects and clients, explicitly.