Smoked Salmon Recipes – Best For Brunch

Thinking of trying out smoked salmon recipes?

Well, why not?

Imagine this: it's a lazy Sunday morning. There's nothing more you'd like to do than sleep in and wake up only when you really have to. But of course, you know you can't skip eating just because you can't be bothered to cook. So how do you make sure you get your lazy Sunday and the nourishment that will keep you from waking up to a cranky Monday? One word: brunch.

The best thing about brunch is that you will never run out of brunch classics. You have eggs, danishes, and muffins. French toast and pancakes are also brunch staples that are as filling as they are pretty. But if you want a real meal that will give you enough energy to stay all day in bed or later on paint the town red with friends, try smoked salmon recipes. You can't go wrong with smoked salmon bagel.

There are many reasons a smoked salmon bagel recipe is a fine addition to your repertoire of Sunday brunches. For one, this treat is just that - a treat. It's tasty and it's filling but  it's filling in a good way. Per ounce, it contains even fewer calories than baked chicken (which has long been a staple of dieters, young and old) so you can be sure you won't pile on pounds you'll afterwards give an arm to lose. However, it is so rich in protein you can eat as few as you want and still have enough energy to go through the day (in bed or out of it) without feeling bulky or weighed down.

Leanness is not the only benefit you stand to reap from smoked salmon recipes. Fish is a natural source of omega three fatty acids. We all know why that's good for the heart, don't we? Ultimately, you will find out as you try this brunch that the key to a low key, special, and filling meal are smoked salmon recipes.