Living and Loving the Excitement of Outdoor Activities

It will be very nice if you love outdoor activities and you can live in a town where enjoying nature at is best is just a few minutes away. Yes, there are a lot of towns which provides you a balance of comfortable modern living and excitement of different outdoor activities.

If you have your own family, these towns also have provisions for the best education, jobs, health, housing, arts, and entertainment.

Doing What You Love Where You Live

Living where you can play may be the best set up for anyone who loves the outdoors. The following cities have been cited by experts as the best places to consider if you want to be close to the outdoors:

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is the largest city of Vermont. This city offers a year in year out array of outdoor activities. The city is located by the Lake Champlain and the water front was perfectly designed for running, walking, biking, or roller skating. The summer makes the environment excellent for fishing, sailing, or other water activities.

The drop of temperature during the winter doesn't make life dull in this community. You and your family can go ice fishing, ice boating, cross-country skiing, and skating. The city also has Mardi Gras and Winter Festivals joined by locales and people from other cities.

If you are thinking of other essentials, there is nothing to worry about. The city has 6 colleges that you can choose from. Housing is very affordable. The local government also boasts of a very low crime rate.

Missoula, Montana

This spot in Montana offers you a rural sophistication with big-city amenities. If you plan to live simple and be surrounded by the wilderness, this is the place for you.

You'll find nice restaurants, shops, museums, theaters, and a symphony around town. A few minutes from these entire buzz will bring you to millions of acres of greeneries. The town is surrounded by declared national forest, great wilderness, and recreation areas.

The forest offers you hiking, camping, biking, and white water rafting activities. There is also the Lee Metcalf Refuge where you can observe wild birds in their royal beauty.

Missoula is near the Clark Fork River and is home to the University of Montana. The health care set up is also comparable to the city standards. Winter outdoor activities also offer a hype since the weather may go below freezing point for around 6 months.

Laramie, Wyoming

Residents of Laramie enjoy the outdoor fun offered by the Medicine Bow National Forest and the National Grasslands of Thunder Basin. You can find amusement in skiing, snowshoeing, cycling, and camping. If you love fishing, the lakes along the plains and the mountain streams will offer you a lot of choices.

The Old West style town is also home to the University of Wyoming which caters to different sporting and cultural activities. The place doesn't only offer chances for outdoor activities but also an opportunity to immerse to the old western style of living.

Hanover, New Hampshire

According to a lot of outdoor lovers, Hanover is haven to people who loves outdoor activities and adventure. There are literally hundreds of options for things to do in this town since there are hundreds of rivers, streams, ponds, and lakes which surround it. Imagine the fun that motor boating, sailing and swimming can bing.

The roads are well maintained and the towns also offer a combo of urban fun with a quiet village atmosphere. Hanover is only 2 hours away from Boston.

These places are among the best. The list of course goes on depending on the set up that you want to achieve. Outdoor activities are guaranteed all year round if you will move to or visit these places with your friends or family.