Fishing Equipment For Fresh Water – Then and Now

The current freshwater fishing equipment is quite an improvement from the bamboo pole we used to use earlier for fishing. There are spool rods that are both closed and open plus reels for fishing nowadays.

The fishing norm used to be that most people would visit local bait and tackle shop to buy hooks, worms and sinkers but currently one can find spectacular freshwater fishing equipment such as reels, lures and rods in many sports stores. You must checkout various online stores that have so many fishing equipment lined up, it becomes a bit of a task choosing the right one for yourself.

Importance of rod and reel
The rod and reel has always been quite important freshwater fishing equipment. There's a spool which holds fishing line and protects against several weather conditions. At times it does get knotted and tangled; it might bug you while trying to make it work properly. These days most people prefer open spool and open faced reel. Things are pretty smooth while you try to reel in the catch. When you have a fishing line that is open, the tangles can be easily taken care of.

Fishing line, bait and lures
Deciding on a fishing line is something that needs a lot of attention. In the last few years so much has been happening in its technology and one can see a vast improvement in the performance of modern fishing lines. We are simply spoiled with choices as there are so many fishing lines that we can decide upon. Here is a small tip, just make sure that the fishing line is strong and is heavy enough to hold the biggest of the fishes.

Freshwater fishing equipment is incomplete without bait and lures. It is important that you are knowledgeable about lures and fish types while angling. There are many but all are mainly in 2 categories, soft lures and hard lures. Replica fish lures, shimmer spoon lures and crappie jigs are hard lures while worms and crawfish are soft lures. Nowadays you can buy worms and crickets as well. To have so many varieties of lures in the tackle box assists in full preparation of various angling types.

Fishing is becoming more and more popular nowadays and even if you happen to be a beginner you can choose exactly what equipment best suits you. The fishing equipment that we find nowadays can be very advanced and there is every one of them to suit every fishing requirement.

Lastly, I'm going to recommend proper sunglasses. There's nothing more annoying than staring at glare and not seeing through the water. Polarized sunglasses will reduce that glare significantly compared to non-polarized lenses. There is a brand called Drivewear that is tinted and will darken more based on how much light there is. And the best part is the lens is polarized.