Activities You Forgot Were Fun

Whether you're feeling stifled indoors or dreaming of a warmer season, the outdoors has a significant place in our imaginations and fantasies. Being outside reminds us of childhood, freedom, and natural beauty. If you have been looking for a way to get back outside, here is a list of outdoor activities you may have forgotten were fun.

1. Slip-n-Slide

The childhood steeple of a summer in the backyard, the slip and slide can provide hours of enjoyment on a hot day. Getting wet and sliding across a slick, plastic runway can be fun for more than just kids. Instead of the iconic belly-flop landing, try using inner tubes for less bruising and scraping. Setting this activity up near a pool or sprinkler can add some variety to the backyard.

2. BBQ/ Grill Party

Having a barbeque or grill party is a great way to bring together a lot of friends to enjoy each other's company and the weather. Nowadays, the menu choices available for a backyard grill make it possible to appease even the pickiest eaters. Getting outside to cook and eat with a bunch of loved ones is a great way to enjoy the best parts of life.

3. Stargazing

Being outside means there are no walls around you and preferably no roof for this activity. Stargazing is a great way to connect with not just the outdoors, but the universe in general. Find an open field or elevated area away from the light pollution of streetlights and buildings. Taking the time to look up at the natural light show of the universe can remind us of the truly important things.

4. Bonfire

As a social event, standing around a big fire may seem a bit primitive. But maybe the simplicity is what makes it so easy to enjoy. Go down to the beach or dig a pit in your yard to build a suitably sized bonfire. Inviting some friends and grabbing some drinks can transform standing around a fire into a magical experience.

5. Yard Work

Despite its common association with chores, doing yard work is a great way to get some exercise and engage with the outdoors. Gardening, pruning trees or bushes, and raking up leaves can be a constructive means of interacting with the natural world. Taking responsibility for the plant life in your yard can be unexpectedly rewarding, as most acts of nurturing and care-taking turn out to be.

6. Climbing Trees

Trees are obligated to a life entirely outdoors. Therefore, appreciating trees is a fitting means to connecting with nature. To reach the heights they do, it takes years and years of subtle growth. Take some time to climb a tree or at least consciously examine their form; you will see the world from a unique perspective.

7. Hammock

For the less active activity-seekers, lying in a hammock can be the ideal way to experience the outdoors. Choosing to lie in a hammock is distinct from simply lying down because itconnects you to more than just the ground. Suspended between two trees or set up in your yard, lying in a hammock is like floating on a cloud. Your body can sway in the wind or to the momentum you choose, but it is always supported.

8. Smelling Flowers

There is scientific evidence that proves the correlation between literally taking the time to smell flowers and reduced stress levels in the body. Whether or not this is proof of aromatherapy, smelling flowers is a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty of nature. Beyond visually striking blooms, flowers offer so many nuanced sensory details that they are the embodiment of nature's expressive beauty.

9. Bicycle Riding

Taking a bike ride offers you exercise and travel. Unlike other forms of travel, there is a balance between the effort it takes to ride a bike and the amount of the world you experience. Driving in a car will take you farther, but won't offer you the same quality of experience. Incorporate a bike ride into your day to experience a bigger slice of the outdoors.

10. Tag

For many, the epitome of childhood is chasing your friends around while giggling and screaming. This is playing a game of tag and it does not necessarily require outdoor space, but works better that way. To appreciate the fundamental appeal of this activity, you don't need to play any specific game. Playing sports or even going for a stroll connects you to the same flow of energy. Being outdoors is about being able to move freely and accessing the many features of the natural world. Getting some exercise while appreciating the beauty of nature will teach you a lot about the fundamental appeal of a great lifestyle.