What Is Happiness and How Does It Work in Soulful Living?

Happiness is in true self but we often misunderstand it as this is accepted by most people around the world including many scientists that we have four layers of pain or distress. They are as follows:
#1 Sense object deficiency distress,
#2 disturbance in senses distress,
#3 disturbance in mind distress
#4 disturbance in Intelligence
It is moreover seen that the intensity of distress in each subsequent layer is more than the previous one.
It means E.g. the intensity of distress in sense disturbance is more than the sense object deficiency disturbance, in addition, the intensity of distress in mental disturbance is more than the distress in sense disturbance, and finally, the intensity of distress in intelligence disturbance is more than the distress in mind's disturbance.
This article is going to disclose the sense object's deficiency distress and put a light on the soul, and how it will help you to provide an eternal happiness solution.
sense object's deficiency distress
This is a kind of distress that happens for not getting our daily needs, wants, and demands E.g. food, clothes, water, electronic gadgets, luxury items, etc. Nowadays the tendency of human mindset is that they hanker after sense objects like rich foods, costly clothes, the latest gadgets, etc. In other words, I.e whenever most materialistic people find these latest electronic gadgets like smartphones; rich delicious food restaurants; spectacular shopping malls, they become hungry to grab these things.
Let's see an example of the above topic, imagine if somebody buys the latest smartphone for US $200, definitely the person will become happy but that happiness will not last for long. The moment that person finds a new latest smartphone with more special features and attractive looks, it is quite impossible for anyone to resist the person buying that smartphone. Then some months later, another new smartphone will climb up to take the position of the precedent one, and again this will continue. That does not mean that smartphone is not necessary, the smartphone is a must in this modern age. But the attachment of it as well as the lust of it is the main cause of one's distress.
Would anyone ever think of this above topic before?
We are human beings on earth. To run our life smoothly, we have to meet our basic needs like food, clothes, water, residence, education, etc. Now for meeting our basic needs, most of the time one strives hard in the mood of passion. The passion for something is not a bad thing but the attachment to that thing to have it at any cost is a bad thing. Do u know, why?
For instance, we are not doers, we are the instruments of nature, controlled by the supreme god; who wants us to carry our fights according to his thought.
In addition, that means whatever someone wishes, the fulfillment of that wishes is depended fully on the permission the nature by the sanction of god. It is nice to try for anything one wishes, but it is not good to attach it to the results. Whatever one gets with one's efforts, one has to accept it with self-satisfaction.
Self-satisfaction means whatever one achieves, one has to satisfy with that as we are controlled by nature. It also means not always seeking happiness on the outside as someone may lead worse life than ours, to frankly speak real happiness is inside I.e. in the deeper soul.
To truly speak each of us is a soul, the part and parcel of the super soul. The characteristics of this soul are eternal, knowledgeable, and enjoyable. Also, the main service of this soul is to serve the super soul through one's work, through one's pious deeds because the supreme one is every where. Moreover, it brings less depression if one would think of the ups and down of life as god's mercy. In addition, there lies the secret of eternal real happiness.
In conclusion, happiness is in the present state, we don't need lots of sense gratifying things to make us happy, it is our consciousness that makes us happy.