Which Kitchen Layout Should You Choose?

Renovating your kitchen doesn't end with choosing the paint, countertop material, flooring and appliances. Because before you even get to the point of shopping for items, you have to decide on the layout first. This is extremely important for it will dictate the overall functionality of your kitchen.

The layout that you should choose should match the space you have. You wouldn't want a cramped kitchen because it won't be able to serve its purpose which is to be a place where family members get-together to share stories.

So what are the most common kitchen layouts that you can choose from?

L-shaped Kitchens - The L-shape is perhaps the most popular layout among homeowners. In this layout, two of your main appliances are installed on a single wall, and directs the traffic out of the work area. This is perfect for homeowners who like holding dinners and get-togethers because you can chat with your guests while you prepare the meal. L-shape kitchens are great for either small or large homes.

U-shaped Kitchens - Like the L-shaped layout, U-shaped kitchens also work well with both small and large homes. In this layout, the sink, refrigerator and gas range are installed on three different sides. It offers homeowners with a lot of counter space and storage areas. It is the most versatile because it spreads out the work areas.

G-shaped Kitchens - This is basically a U-shaped layout with a fourth wall. It offers the same amount of counter space and storage but is best suited for homes with large floor areas.

I-shaped Kitchens -The I-shaped or single wall kitchen is not exactly the most efficient layout because all the big appliances are lined up on one wall. This is advantageous to small homes because it doesn't take up too much space.

Corridor Kitchens - Homeowners with limited space can also opt for a corridor or galley kitchen. Unlike the I-shaped kitchen, the appliances in a galley layout are on opposite sides of the wall facilitating better work flow.

These are the basic layouts of a standard kitchen. Of course, you can tweak it to match your lifestyle and needs. You can have a center island in the L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen to serve as additional counter space, storage and a breakfast bar. You can consult with an expert kitchen designer about your idea, and he can offer you tips and suggestions on how to improve your kitchen and make it the perfect space to prep scrumptious meals and share stories with your loved ones.