Tips To Make Your Small Kitchen Layout Look Big and Feel Spacious

You may have a small room as a kitchen. But that does not mean you should settle for a small kitchen layout that feels crowded.

There are ways through which you can make the room give an impression of more space. Here are a few tips:

First, organizing your kitchen is very important. Do away with items that make the kitchen cramped and small.

You can remove everything in the drawers to have an idea on what you have, remove what you do not need and then use the space to place items ordered based on their use.

Each item should be within easy reach of where you intend to use it. You can get cabinet organizers and partitions to allow you to better arrange the cabinets.

The more efficiently you can organize the space in your cabinet, the more items you can fit in.

Next, make sure the tops of your counters are empty. This will create a feeling of a more spacious and roomy small kitchen layout.

Avoid having clutter on your counter top all the time.

Things like coffee pots or toasters can find room in the cabinets if it is well organized. A drawer that slides out may be the best option so that it is easy to get these items in and out of the cabinets.

If they are too large, you can store them in the cupboard and remove them only when you need to. Buy smaller ones for everyday use and which can easily fit in the cabinets.

Cabinet doors can make the room feel smaller since you require space to open the doors. Consider removing the doors of the cabinets and leave them as open shelves.

This way the room will look better illuminated and thus appear more spacious.

Kitchen color is important. If you decorate your small kitchen layout using a light or soft color, the room will feel larger. All you need to do is take your favorite color and choose a lighter variety.

Avoid using wall paper especially the patterned type. Patterned prints make the room look much busier and smaller than it already is.

Any decorations on the wall must be kept as simple and discreet as possible. If you choose to use a curtain in the kitchen, it should be of a color lighter than the wall. Otherwise, you can leave the kitchen without a curtain. If the cabinets already had a dark color, you could change the color to a white one by the help of a professional painter.

Do not forget the floor. Giving the floor a light color can provide instant transformation on the kitchen's perceived size.

Just like the walls, if you do decide to use ceramics, choose the ones without a pattern. The tile filling should also be the same color as the ceramic.

You may opt to use linoleum for your floors but even then stick to the same principle - minimal design on light color makes for the most spacious feeling small kitchen layout.