Easy Crockpot Recipes For Beginners

Even people that don't have time or/and never cooked before can easily pull out my easy crockpot recipes. Cooking homemade meal can be intimidating and stressful, especially if you are a full time working parent. To use premade, prepackaged or dry dinners might seem like a logical solution for busy people.

In my opinion, there are few major downsides in using premade food. The most disturbing downside in feeding your family with premade food is a health issue. By which I mean, that manufactures use harmful additives like colors, saturated fats, monosodium glutamate and the list goes on and on, to make the food look more "attractive", taste better and last longer.

The other major downside of buying premade food is the coast. The cost of feeding a family with premade food is always, and I mean always going to be pricier than homemade food, especially when you compare to my easy crockpot recipes.

When that said, I can go ahead and assure you that there are plenty of easy ways to make easy, healthy homemade dishes. One of the easiest ways is by preparing your meals in a crockpot.

The only thing you have to remember, is that vegetables usually take longer time to cook than the meats, therefore put them below or on the sides of the crockpot.

It takes 3 minutes to assemble those dishes in the morning and leave to work. By the time you will be home, you'll have a prepared dinner. And there is absolutely no stress involved.

Easy pork roast recipe

2 pounds (1 kg) pork shoulder
20 baby carrots / 3 large carrots cut to pieces
1 large onion sliced 0.5 inch (1 cm) rings
1 can frozen orange punch
1 cup water
1/4 cup soy sauce
salt, pepper (amount varies according to your preferences)

Put onion and carrots on the bottom of the crockpot. Put the chunk of meat on top of the vegetables. Add the orange punch (can still be frozen), water and soy sauce. Sprinkle salt, pepper on top of the vegetables and pork. Plug the crockpot for 6 hours on High setting. If you use frozen meat, you should cook it for 8 hours on Low setting.

Easy lemon chicken recipe

1 whole big chicken
1 big onion cut to 1/2 inch rings
2 cloves garlic
lemon zest from 1 lemon
lemon juice from 1 lemon
1 cup of white wine or 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon dry thyme
salt, pepper (amount varies according to your preferences)

Put onion and garlic on the bottom of the crockpot. Put the chicken on top. Add thyme, white wine or water and white wine vinegar. Sprinkle salt, pepper on top of the chicken. Plug the Crockpot to 4-5 hours on Low setting. Don't be intimidated by preparing your homemade food. Using crockpot is easy, convenient and it delivers healthy and tasty results without too much effort.