High-Tech Advances of Home Security

One of the biggest concerns many consumers have regarding home security systems is that the wires can be cut, making it easier for burglars and intruders to enter the home without tripping the security system. While a few years ago, wired home security systems were vulnerable to this type of sabotage, technology has evolved in the last few years to make home security systems far more impenetrable.

In fact, older systems were so vulnerable that a would-be burglar could shut off the power to the property at the breaker box or cut the phone line and the property would be completely vulnerable.

If you already have a home security system and it is a few years old, you may find that it is severely lacking when compared to some of the newer and more advanced systems that are now currently available through home security providers.

Newer, more modern home security systems offer far more security and reliability than older systems. In fact, they contain an additional layer of protection that was not present in older systems. This layer of protection provides you with the peace of mind you need to rely on the integrity of the home security system. The additional layer of protection acts somewhat like a second security system that will protect the main system from being bypassed by a clever burglar or intruder.

One of the main advantages of the newer systems is the presence of wireless technology. This means that there are no wires that can be cleverly cut by a burglar. In addition, the fact that the emergency signal is sent to the monitoring station in a wirelessly there is no concern that it will fail to act if a phone line should be tampered with.

For completeĀ home security; however, homeowners should also make sure that they have additional security provisions on their windows to ensure that burglars do not attempt to enter through those methods either. This will provide an additional layer of protection for concerned homeowners. One new option available through improved technology is a type of detector that works to detect both body heat as well as motion. These detectors are highly sensitive and will automatically detect the presence of anyone who may have tried to bypass door alarms and window alarms.

These types of applications are appropriate for the home as well as for businesses as well as they are ideal for detecting anyone who may have attempted to hide in the facility during regular business hours in order to commit a crime after the building has closed.

Body heat and motion detectors also work to surround the home with an further layer of security as an alarm will sound before a possible intruder will ever have a chance to touch the home. These types of detectors typically offer a range of about 35 feet and will work regardless of the weather. They also work both during the day as well as at night. The fine calibration and high-tech nature of these devices ensure that there are no concerns over false alarms as they are tuned extremely well in order to make the distinction between animals such as cats and dogs and humans in order to act appropriately.

Wireless home alarmsĀ are in more demand these days as people do not like the idea of tearing up their home to wire the entry points to their home with a sensor. Always check with your provider and discuss the installation plan and what hardware will be used before signing any contract.