Grow Food For Your Health

If you'd like to know where your food comes from (at least, the food you can grow yourself), then planting your own vegetables is the way to go. It can cost considerably less, too. The bare minimum needed is patio space, where you can actually grow a lot of food. Containers may be used and some can be those funky hanging ones where plants grow out the bottom. Do they even know which way is up? You may purchase organic seeds if you'd like to go natural and grow without chemicals. Strawberries and tomatoes grow well in those wine half barrels. You can also grow bell peppers and even a dwarf orange tree. Dwarf citrus may be a short plant, but the fruit is full sized.

If you have a garden space, then zucchinis are almost foolproof. You'll be searching for recipes that use zucchini. They can grow large but the smaller or regular sized ones are the most tender. If you have a super extra amount of vegetables or fruit, trade with your neighbors and that way all can benefit.. Also, a lot of food banks will accept fresh produce and putting extra things out at work will always make them disappear. There's nothing like the taste of a freshly picked vegetable or fruit. The taste and freshness may inspire people who don't normally eat a lot of fresh vegetables to go home and make their own green salads. A little pepper and olive oil and vinegar, and you have a great meal that's hardly any calories as well.

If you want to maintain your garden as an organic one, then studying how to create and keep a compost heap is necessary. If you don't want to bother with that and you have a small garden patch, then you can buy natural and organic fertilizer. Gather up a few recipes from friends or family or even the Internet, and try them. Keep the ones that appeal to you. For zucchini there's bread, fried zucchini, breaded zucchini, and probably out there somewhere -- a recipe for zucchini ice cream. Tomatoes, another prolific grower, can be used in hundreds of recipes so there's no lack of inspiration for that one. It just takes a bit of space, lots of love and care and a little water and food, and your garden will be your pride and source of better health. It also provides some exercise, so that's an added benefit!