Aquaponics And Kids: Fun, Learning And Growing Food Together

Aquaponics and kids make a great combination. Imagine:

  • Spending quality time with your family outdoors
  • Teaching kids where food really comes from
  • Your children understanding life cycles and becoming attuned with nature
  • Growing fresh organic produce all year round
  • Never having to worry about food scare stories again

Well with aquaponics the advantages above and more are available to you if you take action and decide to have an aquaponics system in your backyard.

Aquaponics And Kids: Children Learning About Nature

Growing food in your own backyard as well as rearing fish is the easiest way to introduce your children to nature.

Allowing you children to see the magic of Mother Nature on a daily basis by simply stepping outside in to your backyard garden will teach children where food really comes from.

If a child understands where their food comes from and has a hand in growing it; it set this child up to succeed in later life. The child will become more independent, eat healthier and always have an appreciation of nature.

An enlightened child who learns with you as an aquaponics garden grows will be a happier child. Plus getting your child to eat those greens will be much easier.

Aquaponics And Kids: How Does Aquaponics Work?

Aquaponics is having a mini-ecosystem right in your own backyard. You have two tanks, one is your grow bed for the plants and the other is for the fish.

The fish produce "poop" which fertilizes the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish. They work together to grow organic produce all year round. They do all the hard work for you.

What Will My Kids Learn With Aquaponics?

Kids with aquaponics learn a number of things including:

Basic Science - You have to check the water on a weekly basis with a simple check. This can teach you kids about chemistry but also maintenance and routine.

Where Food Comes From - Food doesn't come from supermarkets already wrapped in shrink-wrap. It grows outdoors over time. This is what you child will learn with aquaponics.

Life Cycles - As we say you rear fish in an aquaponics system. You may choose to rear fish to eat. If you do then your child will learn about life cycles and that animals to have to die for us to have food. It may seem harsh but it is a fact of life that a child does have to learn at some point.

Aquaponics and Kids: Spending Quality Time Together

Do you worry you don't spend enough time with your kids? If you have an aquaponics system it can take as little as 30 minutes a day to maintain your system.

This is time you can allot to spend with your kids each day. You will be outdoors working on a project together that provides for the whole family.

There is an excitement to growing your own food and rearing your own fish and that joy is best shared with kids. Watch them marvel as they see plants grow for the first time.

Aquaponics makes this possible.

Wrapping Up

Anyone whatever their DIY or gardening skill level can set up their own aquaponics garden. I set my first system for under $100.

It paid itself back in no time at all and I had great fun with my daughter in the meantime and you cannot put a price on that.