How to Be Prepared For Unexpected Guests

Every once in a while unexpected guests will show up on your doorstep. These unexpected guests can cause a panic and the last thing you want to do is make your guests feel uncomfortable. Here is how to prepare for unexpected guests.

To prepare for unexpected guests does not have to be difficult. Here are some useful tips that you can do be prepared and make unexpected visitors to your home feel welcome

Cleaning up

Cleaning up a little each day can lessen the burden and help you be better prepared for unexpected guests. Use a laundry basket or hamper for easy and quick clean up of dirty clothes. If you do this everyday, the amount of the items that you need to clean up will lessen on a short notice. Maintain a collapsible laundry basket in the closet hall so can move around quickly, while throwing things in it and temporarily store them in a closed off room until the guests leave.

Guest towels

Part of preparing for unexpected guests is to have a pair of guest towels available. It's part of the hospitality process. You cannot let them use your used towels, can you? Store a pair in the linen closet only to be used when guests come over. You can put them out easily when you need them.

Have a dessert available on your freezer

It really helps if you a have a dessert stored in your freezer. May it be ice cream or a frozen cheesecake; at least you have something on hand to prepare for unexpected guests. Preparing dinner won't be much of a hassle because you can always opt for ordering take out or have it delivered right on your doorstep. But with desserts, you usually have to run to the nearest grocery if you want one.

Close the doors

Doors must be closed to rooms that you don't want guests looking into. The clutter that you picked up can be temporarily thrown into one of these rooms. Avoid letting the guests see unmade beds or clothes all over.

Fix your hair

Doing the hair takes longer than just throwing something on if someone shows up at your door unexpectedly. This may sound silly, but nothing compares to a prepared house guests. Especially with women, doing the hair takes a little longer. So it is advisable to prepare your hair as well every morning. At least when your hair is done, all that is left for you to do, is to put some fresh clothes so you'll look suitable and presentable when welcoming unexpected guests.

Creamer and sugar

For coffee drinkers, have a creamer and a sugar substitute on hand. Instead of regular sugar and milk, some guests prefer using these. If you have everything available, you're ready for whichever the guests prefer.

Bottles of wine

To prepare for unexpected guests, have two bottles of wine available on hand. Keep a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine in your home, instead of having only one. Whatever your guest prefers and whatever dinner you will serve, at least you are prepared and you can have it ready and available to serve.