Create The Perfect Retreat For Your Guests

The holidays are here! Along with shopping and cooking comes your house guests. If you are lucky enough to have a separate guest room there are ways to make anyone staying with you feel welcome and comfortable. Do not fret if you do not have a separate guest room, you can still use many of the tips and ideas that I'm going to share. If you are just beginning to decorate the room keep paint color in mind. Reds and deep blues may make you feel all fuzzy inside but, color is extremely personal. And it evokes different emotions for different people. Keep it simple by choosing neutral colors in warmer hues.

Bedding is very important since sleeping is basically what your guests will do in this space. Put lots of pillows in different varieties (foam, feather, medium, extra soft) on the bed. Soft linens, a blanket and cozy comforter are also key to making someone feel welcome. Add an extra blanket folded at the foot of the bed. Have large and face towels placed aside. You can put a rack on the back of the door so your guests have a spot to hang them. Clear out a portion of the room's closet so guests have a spot to hang clothing. Empty out at least one drawer in a bureau for them.

Designate an area in the room for reading. A comfortable chair, floor lamp and small side table with some of your favorite books and magazines on it is so inviting. If there is not enough room for this, then place a side table with a lamp next to the bed. A basket filled with some soap, a toothbrush, lotion and other toiletries is a nice touch. At night put out a tray with a pretty pitcher of water and some glasses so your guests will not have to get up. And remember to have some kind of mirror in the room so your guests and get ready with ease. You can even add a book or journal for them to sign and share their thoughts about their stay with you. Your guest may feel so cozy and pampered that they will never want to leave.