Consumers Eager For Home Makeover Ideas

In a recent survey of homeowners, nearly three out of four were found to have completed a recent home makeover or had plans to do so within the next year. In fact, when asked to choose between a $10,000 home makeover or a personal makeover, three-quarters chose the home makeover!

Home Makeover Idea Sources

A majority of the homeowners surveyed (64%) said they would turn to a local home improvement center like Lowes or Home Depot for home makeover ideas and information, while home decorating magazines and home improvement books were cited by 49% of homeowners as a likely source of makeover ideas. Home improvement catalogs were mentioned by 42% of those surveyed as a likely source of inspiration, and home improvement television shows were cited by 40% as a home makeover idea source.

Nearly half (49%) of all homeowners said they would turn to friends and family for home makeover ideas, while 37% said they would seek advice from an interior designer, contractor or architect. Surprisingly, only 31% of homeowners mentioned that they would use the Internet as a source of home makover ideas.

Do It Yourself vs Professional Home Improvement Help

Homeowners in the survey were also asked who would do the work on their home makeover and home improvement projects. Nearly half of survey participants (47%) planned to roll up their sleeves and get involved themselves, while 42% said they would hire a contractor and leave the makeover work to someone else. The remaining 11% were undecided.

62% of participants who had already completed their home makeover projects--either by themselves or with the help of a spouse--said they would do it again. 6% said they and their spouse "fought like cats and dogs," and 13% said "next time I'll do it myself."

Home Makeover Expenditures

Survey participants were also asked how much money they were planning to spend on home improvement or home makeover projects in the coming year. Women, on average, were expecting to spend about $10,000 to make over their homes, while men planned to spend an average of $6,200 on their home makeover and home improvement projects. Both men and women chose kitchens and bathrooms as the areas of the home most in need of a makeover, followed by master bedrooms, family rooms, home offices and bedrooms for the children.

When asked what kinds of home makeover projects were on their wish list, 47% of homeowners mentioned a custom kitchen with real hardwood cabinets as their dream makeover project. A marble bathroom with a Jacuzzi came in second at 39%, followed by walk in closets (37%), a home theater system or high definition TV (36%), natural hardwood floors and paneling (32%) and a well-equipped home office (26%).