Some Facts About Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is one of the best jobs a pet owner can give to their dogs and puppies. In fact this is used by many to ensure most behaviors associated with dogs are solved. In addition it acts as the foundation for streamlining any bad behavior that might be seen in dog pets.

The training ensures an open communication is created between the owner and the dog. And when doing this, communication plays an important tool as it allows the dog to get the instructions on what they need to get right. A dog can be taught anything to obey.

Dog obedience training is an important aspect because those which have not undergone training will behave like ordinary untamed creatures. This means they will soil the house, make destructions, bark at every given moment, fight unnecessarily and even go to the extent of biting owners and visitors. In order to eliminate this entire problem, dogs must be taught on how to direct their natural behaviors in places and manners which is acceptable domestically.

Dog obedience training is a sure way of establishing the social hierarchies. By obeying simple instructions, this shows they are able to comply and respect the owner. It must not go over board when training but simple methods that will make them submit. Training must be fun for the owner and the dog itself, and in return it will create special bonds. A dog that is well trained in obedience will get enough space and freedom as compared to untrained one.

Knowing an obedient dog

Dog obedience training allows one to know those that have undergone training. To know the dog, start with the basic commands and get if they can respond to them each moment. Those responding well to the commands are trained in it. However, not all dogs which pass through obedience training are obedient. In case they do not respond to instructions, then retraining should be done again.

When obedience training is being done, two people will be involved, the handler and the trainer. Alternatively one person can do the job alone. This will take some times, but it will depend on the dog itself in taking the tricks and the trainer. In order to succeed in this, trusting and creating a good relationship between the dog and the handler is essential. Mostly the training is carried out for about 10 weeks.

Basic commands

Almost in all dog obedience training exercises, the following commands are given:

Sit- the dog will sit when commanded

Down-This commands the dog to lie with the front and rear feet on the ground

Heel-The dogs shoulders and head are placed closer and parallel with those of the handler

Come-This is also called the recall command to call the dog

Stay- This command tells the dog to remain where it is and in a given position.

The dog must remain intact till when another command is given out.

Other command popular in dog obedience training include fetch, roll over, speak, stop and leave it.

It is good to remember that dog obedience training must be done at a good pace. Though dogs are trained in various aspects, obedience training should be part of trainers' curriculum. However when training the dog, one should avoid nagging, hitting, slapping and spanking as it will worsen the situation.

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