Peace and Joy at Work

We spend the biggest part of the day at work. The place where you work, the people who work with you, the people you work for, have a significant impact on you. What do you look like when you get home after a bad day at work? Your mood is lower than your feet and the rest should rather keep out of your way.

That's why we have a big responsibility to ensure that the circumstances in which we work and where we spend so much of our time is a good environment. If it is toxic, you must make a plan. Easier said than done.

A friend of mine had worked for a prestigious international company for more than 30 years. Then they appointed a manager whose goal in life was to make people's day hell. My friend followed the correct procedures to resolve the situation. But it was ignored. She was "poisoned" and it started affecting her health. Eventually she gathered the courage to resign. A drastic step and actually so unfair, but she had no choice for the sake of her health.

Often we're caught in such a job and stay because we do not have the courage to break away and look for a new job. But it is an unhealthy situation and we get broken down bit by bit.

How is it possible to live the following instruction as Christians in such circumstances? 9Guide slaves into being loyal workers, a bonus to their masters-no back talk, no petty thievery.

How can you do your job with a song in your heart if you're not happy? It will be a struggle to do what your superior expects if dark clouds surround you.

Remember, we applied for the job. We went in there voluntarily and actually asked to have the job. Now it is our responsibility to carry out every instruction in such a way that our working there benefits us and the employer.

If you are in a position where you do not enjoy getting up and going to work, where you get home in a bad mood nearly every evening, you have to ask God to help you change the situation. Be honest and say that you cannot carry out the instructions with a song in your heart and list the reasons why one by one. Write it down and ask God to lead you to the right answer.

Maybe you have to do something drastic and look for another job. Maybe you have to go and talk to your boss to see if you can address the situation and improve the climate in the office. Maybe you have to grab that dream of doing your own thing by the horns, get over the fear, and do what God tells you to do.

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