Networking Presence

A great deal of networking involves both verbal and non verbal communication. Sharing ideas, connecting with others and establishing a personal brand are key factors to being successful. Whether you are attending an in-person or virtual event, the way you show up is critical. What type of impression do you want to send or leave? How do you want to be perceived overall? How can you remain memorable and top of mind?

Listed below are simple tips for effectively influencing your networks and communities.

#1: Exude Confidence

Refrain from imposter syndrome and believe in yourself. Understand your value and contribution to your professional and personal networks. Take the time to explore your abilities, skills and attributes. Market those abilities in your networking processes and methods for linking with individuals or organizations. Create affirmations for promoting a growth mindset. Showing confidence is a positive step in building trust, being memorable and supporting others.

#2: Be Reliable

Respect can be given and taken away. You should not demand it but earn and build on it. Part of being respected is being reliable. It impacts trust and motivates relationship building. People are more apt to refer, recommend and introduce you to their networks when they know you are dependable. Strive to be steadfast by following through, aligning your words with your actions and displaying professionalism.

#3: Show Potential

A key aspect of good networking is business, professional and personal development. Networking offers access to resources, opportunities and connections for advancement. Use these tools to reach your potential and make a meaningful difference. Whether it is creating solutions or advocating for causes, lean into your capabilities. As well as, maintain a sense of constantly evolving and progressing.

Use these various tips to enhance your networking following. Grow, develop and advance in your endeavors for ongoing success. Recognize your value and seize moments to make significant impact and positive change.

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