Motivating Yourself to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

For some reason, sleep seems easier and sweeter when it is time to get up. You feel like rolling over and closing your eyes, Ahh, if that were only possible! However, try

Starting Small. Open ypur eyes. Slip off your pj pants. Then ease yourself into a sitting position and put on your slippers, This process should take less than a minute You've moved past the hardest part!

Stretching Begin stretzhing your arms. Then move on to stretching your legs. Only don't overdo stretching your legs because you'll give yourself muscle cramps.

Visualizing. How will your day go? Do you know what you'll be wearing? Meeting? Eating for lunch? Looking forward to an activity?

Exercising Again start small. One sit up, One posh up. Turn on some music and dance or listen to a talk show. I remember looking forward to and listening to Howard Stern every morning. He was raunchy and funny. Which brings me to the next tip/

Tuning in to a favorite talk show. I always looked forward to listening to the Howard Stern show, I laughed at his jokes. My only issue was tuning in when I had guests. Like one of my aunts. She happened to get an earful of Howard Stern's commentary. which appalled her, How dare you listen to that? She asked. In all due respect, I need a laugh and feel awakened. It's how I start my day

Playing games. Timing yourself as you bathe or shower or style your hair. Turn it to a game, Suppose that you only had ten minutes or less to finish? Five minutes? How how long would it take to do these if you were running late? I get it. You don.t even want to think about being late. But it happens, And panicking is not the answer. Just remember how much time it takes to do each chore. Use one or two shortcuts if necessary to speed things up. Consider skipping some things just to save time, Could you still do it? What would you be able to skip if you had to? For now, all of this is preparing you for that dreaded time.

Getting more sleep by going to bed earlier.:ike an hour or two earlier, You won;t feel like sleeping. You'll likely toss and turn during that time. After all, going to bed earlier is an acquied habit. It may take a few days to acclimate yourself, but trust me, it works, You'll sleep longer and find that getting up in the morning isn't so bad----or difficult, And become healthier as well,

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