Geomagnetic Storms: Healing or Deadly?

According to research conducted by the Heartmath Institute, times of increased geomagnetic activity coincide with rise of hospital admissions (especially of people with heart conditions). During such times researchers have also observed an increase in accidents among young people (due to drunk driving or partying recklessly).

However, Heartmath researchers have also been struck by a different phenomenon during the same times of increased geomagnetic activity. More precisely, a rise in healing "miracles" of sorts has also been documented (e.g. remissions, improvement of heart and immune system function, etc.).

So how do we reconcile those two apparently paradoxical phenomena? On the one hand, we have destructive outcomes (hospital admissions and accidents) while on the other hand we have a rise in healing outcomes, both linked to the same force, i.e. increased geomagnetic activity. How could the same energy source produce two diametrically opposite results among different people? And if it isn't the force itself that determines the outcome, what personal characteristics could be the deciding factor as to what result will be manifested in times of increased geomagnetism.

Although this whole thing seems like a mystery, there is in fact a very logical explanation here. Heightened geomagnetic activity is like any other event - neither good nor bad; it's neutral. Quite simply, it's a pulse which offers free energy and resonates strongly with the heart and the heart's electromagnetic field. More importantly, increased geomagnetic energy amplifies what is already IN our heart. Thus, it can bring out the best and the worst in us. Some will use this free energy productively (e.g. for healing), while others will use it destructively (e.g. for excessive partying or for emotional reactivity which brings about disease). Who does what with it depends on each and every one of us. If we have high self-awareness and well-developed heart intelligence, this free energy will augment our constructive, healing potential (since the heart supervises the immune system and overseas most healing processes). However, if we are not well self-regulated and if we lack emotional intelligence, this energy will augment our reactive inclinations. In other words, it simply makes us more of who we already are.

So who are you in your heart? And what can you do to develop your heart intelligence so you can take advantage of the free energy available during heightened geomagnetic activity? Developing the heart intelligence starts with spending time in meditation, contemplation, introspection, prayer, gratitude and forgiveness. And it ends with doing good and being of service to others. Indeed, one can never go wrong with thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds.

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