3 Tips For Networking In the New Normal

Disclaimer: These are helpful advice and tips for making the most of your networking events. Definitely consult your company, organization or venue for up to date COVID-19 policies and regulations. As well as, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and other authorized and credible organizations.

The pandemic has and furthermore continues to change the way we live our lives. As we pivot, entering the new normal is becoming even more challenging than expected. In regards to networking, there are several nuances that have emerged since the pandemic. These aspects directly affect communication styles, behaviors and interactions.

As organizations, companies, etc. venture back into in-person gatherings, listed below are a few tactics for mastering the art of the networking new normal.

Know The Regulations

Once you have decided to attend an in-person event, make sure you know the up to date regulations or policies for the event / venue. Reach out to the organizer or visit a credible website regarding COVID-19 regulations. Keep in mind, regulations can differ from state to state or entity to entity. Being mindful of safety precautions is an essential part of your networking experience.

Know The Networking Climate

This is also a very important aspect of your meeting experience. Understand the agenda, purpose or initiative of your event or function. Who is speaking or presenting? What activities will be conducted? How are attendees being hosted (ie. meal / drinks, lecture, mixer, etc.)? Knowing these types of details for your event will help you properly prepare for business or social opportunities. Also, make sure that your apps for networking are current with the latest updates. Being able to easily connect with your counterparts at in-person events will save you time and energy.

Know The Next Steps

The networking does not end when the event or activities end. As a matter of fact, it is the jump off for following up, re-engaging and building quality relationships. Similarly to you having a plan for attending the event, have a plan for after the event. Set goals for who you would like to meet and how you would like to foster those relations. Set priorities for having clear messaging, communication and call to action. Always make it a point to add value and respect the networking bond.

Use these tips to excel in your networking objectives for in-person events. Apply these tips and strategies for the safety of yourself and others within your networks. As well as, be intentional about your goals and achieving the right kind of success.

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