Job Application Tips: How to Appear Perfect for the Job on Paper

Are you in need of a job? If so, you may notice that a good percentage of companies request a professional resume from job seekers or that job seekers are asked to fill out an online job application. Despite this common occurrence, there are still a number of companies (both large and small and in all industries) that prefer the traditional paper application.

When it comes to filling out a paper job application, please keep these helpful tips in mind:

Paper applications must be filled out by hand. Bad handwriting can be masked on resumes or online applications due to computer use, but the same is not true with paper job applications. For that reason, proper and neat handwriting is important. Do not rush to fill out the form; take your time and print nicely. This serves two important purposes. First, nice handwriting ensures all your training, skills, and job history is readable and understandable. Second, no one wants to hire a sloppy employee who is always in a rush.

Don't guess on important dates. A good percentage of job seekers find themselves filling out printed applications on a whim. Lets say that you need a part-time job to supplement your income and you happen to notice while grocery shopping that your local supermarket is hiring. But wait! You don't have all your job records in front of you! Don't guess. Instead, return home, review your records, fill out the application, and then return to the establishment to complete a full and accurate application.

Do bring a blank sheet of paper with you if you run out of room. The one downside to paper job applications is that they are often limited on space. You basically need to fit a lot of valuable information into a tight space. What if you need more than two lines to describe your duties at your last job? Should you shorten those duties or write in the margin? You can do either, but it is more professional and less of a mess to simply finish each on a blank sheet of paper. In fact, you can also attach a professional resume and write "see resume for more information."

Do fill out all parts of a paper application. You will notice a variance from company to company, but a job application typically contains the basic information, such as position you are applying for, former jobs, education, skills, and hours of availability. Be sure to fill out all parts of a job application. An incomplete resume looks sloppy and can ruin your chances of landing the job. Not sure what position you want to apply for? Think of a few suggestions or write "any current position open," even that is better than leaving a blank spot.

Now that you got some tips on filling out a job application that is your old fashioned piece of paper, are you ready to start your job search?

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