How to Travel by Plane With Pets

You want to go on vacation with pets and do not know what to do to travel by plane?

Here are some tips:

First, before you travel, make sure your pet will be perfectly healthy. It is good to have a health certificate with you as if not all airlines require you to destinations you might have needed it.

Find an airline to accept your journey with "PET". It's good to get in touch by phone with the company with which you will decide to leave. Even if they are allowed to travel with your pet, there is a maximum number, for each flight.

After confirming the reservation, you can buy a ticket.

Buy a special box to transport your pet. Some companies have such boxes, but it is always better to rely on them. When you buy one you must have the animal scale, so it can stand up or return. The cage should also not allow liquid leaking from it.

It is preferable to familiarize the animal to enter and stay in this cage. It's better to buy a few weeks before the flight, so to have time to get used to stand a few minutes a day inside.

Since the animal during the flight can be stressful, it is better to get tired a bit on the outside, so he will sleep during the flight. Another option is to sedate him.

Watch as during the flight it has enough food and water in the cage.

The airport animal is not allowed to sit only in the cage. Instead, before passing through the security and control, these should be removed to be checked, and then he will be putted back in the cage.

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