How to Stop Dog Chasing Cat, People, Cars and Anything Else

This article digs up some information on how to stop dog chasing cat, people, cars or anything else he or she spots. It does not take a rocket science to understand that dogs are programed to chase things in which it thinks are fleeing. Although this may be a natural thing for your pet to do, when it is the mailman or a neighbor jogging, it can be a bad thing.

Teaching your dog not to chase objects in motion is crucial and needs to be put in place as soon as humanly possible. If you have the luxury to begin the dog training process when your pet is young and small, you should get started. Some breeds get very large and aggressive, so if this is not put into place at the correct time it can turn out to be harmful for you and who ever your furry friend decides to chase. So it is a good idea to begin training your puppy before he or she becomes to big to handle.

It is no real secret that some dogs are easier to teach things to then other breeds. For example, hunting dogs, farm dogs are wired to chase versus other dogs.

It is of highest importance to remember not to allow your pet off the leash until the chasing is under some control. Even after the point of control, it is still responsible to keep them on the leash while out in public, this is the law.

Now before you take your dog out into the world for his or her training on stop dog chasing, it is recommended that you the owner take the proper steps to begin in a controlled space like a yard with a solid fence. This will provide the best situation for your pet to only concentrate on you and what you want him or her to learn. Repetition is the key and you need to establish this in the controlled space you are using.

Even better yet, your training should start indoors before taking it to the yard. Leash should be on your dog even in the house as this establishes the importance of wearing the leash. Have your puppy sit at one end of a space and you at the other. Then you make your way over to your dog with a ball in hand not allowing contact by your pet. Now the test. Bounce or roll the ball and practice commanding your dog to stay put. Now, if they start chasing the ball, use a command "stop" as many times as needed and provide a firm tug on your dogs leash.

In the process of training your dog stop chasing cat, cars, etc. it is important to never allow them to touch the object your are using. This process needs to be repeated as many times as needed for your pet to understand the command.

Like any job well done, you should reward your furry companion with a treat once he or she understands that they can not touch the ball and does not.

Once it seems that you have accomplished success, it is time to move the training into another space in the house and begin again. When you have reached overall success inside the house, it is then time to move to a fenced in yard and proceed with out door training. It indeed may take some time for your puppy to fully comprehend that they are not supposed to chase anything even though deeply recorded in the brain, they think they are.

To test it even further still, using a friend, if willing, to pose as a runner and use the same techniques you used for the other training spaces. Again remember to reward a job well done because this will create a solid respect to do what he or she is expected to do. Soon your dog will learn to Stop Chasing Cat, Cars, Joggers and anything else that passes by and you be able to have the obedient friend you always dreamed about. It is key to be patient at all times and this will lead to your success as your dogs trainer.

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