3 Tips When Choosing The Child Friendly Soft Coated Wheaten Dog

It appears that dogs have become an integral part of our lives. Well over 75 million of our four-legged friends live with us in the USA. Surveys indicate that we are moving toward choosing the medium to smaller size dog. It is in this pack that we'll find our most child friendly dog.

The most child friendly dog has got to be a Soft Coated Wheaten dog. A close relative of mine has one and he is fantastic with the children. His name is "Pepper."

If you can, you should seriously consider getting a child friendly, Soft Coated Wheaten dog for the following reasons.

1. Most Child Friendly Dog

Without a doubt, they absolutely love children. Soft Coated Wheatens get along well with the more rambunctious children also. They're not prone to any aggression with children. These dogs are sturdy and very agile. They are quick and children will find them a joy to play with.

Just a note for the elderly. Elderly persons who are grieving the loss of a long time partner will find the soft coated wheaten a therapeutic friend indeed.

They are not only a child friendly dog; they are great with the elderly as well. The Soft Coated Wheaten is peerless in his loyalty and devotion to his owner.

2. Best for indoors or outdoors?

This child friendly dog loves interaction with people. As a matter of fact they are
recommended bedroom dogs. They love to be near their owner. They are at their best
when inside. Oddly enough, they were originally bred as outdoor farm dogs. But
over the years, they have adapted to the indoors remarkably well.

For the apartment dwelling family, this child friendly dog is the perfect choice. Very
rarely do they bark and disturb the neighbors. But you must allow them to get their
exercise. Just a word about exercise. All dogs resort to destructive behavior without
proper exercise.

The Soft Coated Wheaten is no exception. As I mentioned earlier, this breed is
originally a farm dog. So exercise is important because they have a lot of energy.

3. Grooming

Soft Coated Wheaten dogs require a fairly consistent amount of grooming. The beautiful coat of these dogs sets it apart from other dogs. It has a wheat colored, soft, silky, open coat. The coat is wavy-like, but does not shed.

Let me back up a bit. All dogs shed. But if there is a dog that sheds the least, it would be the Soft Coated Wheaten. This dog must have its beautiful golden coat brushed on a regular basis. Most children enjoy brushing the coat of this beautiful dog. In addition, the dog loves the attention also.

I must let you know that the breeder of this child friendly dog is very particular who he sells his puppies to. They will meet with you and question you closely on several key areas concerning these dogs.

Knowing that they are excellent indoor dogs and so child friendly, you probably will be asked about potty training. The WizDog Potty makes potty training any dog a breeze.

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Wizdog Indoor Potty is a paw friendly system that doesn't allow your dogs paws to come into contact with the waste. This makes for a sanitary area for the children too.

I find that the Soft Coated Wheaten is the most child friendly dog. They are loyal and very forgiving with children. Again, it's best to keep Soft Coated Wheatens indoors. Make sanitation your top priority...use a WizDog Indoor Potty.

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