Work Safely In Your Backyard Garden

Yet something else to consider on subject of managing a backyard garden concerns the physical aspects of the job. Turning soil, planting seeds and weeding are all taxing on the body. Plan your garden before beginning the actual development to help reduce the risk of physical injuries and soreness. You can plan the times of day to work and acquire the necessary garden tools for all of the gardening functions.

Heat is a definite factor in how you will be affected physically. With a little preparation you can protect yourself from the heat and by planning your gardens layout and plot size, you can minimize the physical portion of backyard gardening.

What Size Plot Will Your Garden Be?
For those working with limited space, it will be easy to keep the garden width narrow, which will be a positive factor for weeding and watering. Keeping the garden narrow will allow you to weed unwanted growth without stepping through the plants and keep you from straining your back. So make it easy and comfortable whenever possible.

Hotter climates dictate early morning work schedules for those wanting to beat the heat and lessen the possibility of over heating your body. If your garden receives shade in the evening from the house or a tree on the east side of your garden, you should contemplate planting and weeding before dusk.

Backyard Gardening Work Tips

  1. Work in the early morning or late evening
  2. Limit your time in the garden
  3. Wear a broad brimmed hat
  4. Stay hydrated - drink plenty of water

The end result of the physical duties of maintaining a backyard garden can be a plus. We all benefit from physical exercise when done correctly. Besides what the wonderful vegetables and herbs the garden produces, you can also promote good health through physical activities. So, water, plant and weed at the appropriate times. Enjoy your gardening experience and maintain good health while creating your backyard garden.

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