Stay Motivated At Work: How to Keep Your Energy Going By Taking Small Breaks

No big hairy goals how to stay motivated at work tips in this article. Instead I am going to share how you can keep your energy going and hence increase your motivation.

No one can motivate you except yourself. So, if you expect this article to solve your problems, it won't. What it will give you though are tips on how to stay motivated by doing some simple things.

While you take care of these simple things, you have fewer burdens on your mind. Leaving you more productive and hence, more energy to deal with bigger issues that are bothering you at a later time. For example, after work.

Let's look at how you can stay motivated at work:

1. Ten Minutes For Every 50 Minutes Of Work
For me, what works is taking a quick 10 minute break for every 50 minutes of work. Even machines needs rest once in a while. After some time knocking away at the computer or whatever else you do at work, you can get tired or feel monotonous. That's when you need to take that small 10 minutes break. I find these breaks extremely useful and have been doing it for years.

2. What Can You Do In 10 Minutes?
How do you occupy the 10 minutes break you have? There are various things you can do to stay motivated at work. Here are some suggestions which have worked for me. You are free to explore, experiment and change it. The key is to stay discipline and stick to the 10 minutes, otherwise you end up wasting time.

3. Look At What You Have Completed
One quick way to stay motivated at work is to look at what you have completed after working for quite a while and you are getting tired. Ticking off the to-do list is a good way to show you how much you have completed. That is one way that can keep you going.

4. Read Something Interesting
Try reading some interesting articles. Something motivating, perhaps. It works and don't be embarrassed to do it. I know of people who are shy to reveal they read motivational books. There is nothing wrong in that. Just because it doesn't work for them does not mean you cannot do it. The important thing is do not get distracted. This can make you stay motivated at work.

5. Take A Walk To The Pantry
Walk to the pantry to make a cup of coffee, or even to rinse your cup. The walk stretches you and a quick chat - again do not get distracted - is a good diversion from some boring proposals you maybe doing. I used to walk out of my room to joke around with my department staff. Now, that was acceptable in my company's culture. It may not fit yours. It provided a break for everyone and we feel refreshed after some good laughs.

6. Clear Your Table
You will be surprised with this one. I know it is symptomatic relieve. If you are already unmotivated to work, your table is likely messy or it can be a little more organized. Clear your table and see how it can clear your mind at least for that period. The cleared table will make you want to do a little more. Again, deep issues with motivation need other solutions. This just provides the slightly better environment.

Do some of these simple tasks and take small undistracted breaks at work. It works wonders to stay motivated at work.

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