Self Motivation at Work – 5 Tips to Challenge Yourself

One of the hardest things to do when you are in a position at work that you particularly do not like is to get yourself self motivated to carry out your tasks. It can even begin when that alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning and all you want to do is turn over and go back to sleep. You know you cannot do this, because if you want to earn your crust, you must also work for it. That is a kind of motivation in itself, the need to get up and get to work.

If you work for yourself and are solely responsible for your own time keeping and earnings, then this can create greater problems. There is no one that will hold you accountable if you do not turn in for work, other than yourself. Working for someone else seems to hold a fear that seems to evaporate when you work for yourself, even though you are probably more reliant on the income you receive.

Self motivation at work is always something that when in place will always give you a sense of belonging and achievement. Here are 5 tips that will hopefully help to challenge yourself.

1) Think of any aspects of your job that you really enjoy and if possible spend more time doing them. Maybe there is another position that you would like to take at your place of work and look for ways of how you might obtain it.

2) Go about your day with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. It is amazing how this will affect others around you. A smile is always better than a frown. A way that will enable you to do this much easier is think of things that make you happy or events you are looking forward to. This will reflect in your work.

3) Try to be pro-active in your help with co-workers and staff. It will be appreciated and recognised. Recognition is a vital part of any job satisfaction.

4) Set yourself a goals target for when you are at work. Delegate things that you are going to accomplish every day and do not leave work until they have been completed. They do not have to be big or difficult tasks, just what is important to your work and what you may have been putting off. This will develop a mindset of ongoing self improvement.

5) Why not challenge yourself to doing something that you really love and make this your place of work. Think of any talents or skills you may have or what you would like to learn more about. Develop it into your full time occupation. There is no lack of self motivation at work when you are doing something that you love and at the same time getting paid for it.

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