Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard Garden

Your backyard garden is usually brimming with an array of unwanted pests throughout the summer season. One pest in particular, the mosquito, carries potentially hazardous consequences to the variety of species that are welcome additions to your garden. Read on to learn what actions you can take to prevent mosquitoes from invading your private haven as well as how to keep close friends, family members and beloved pets safe and sound while enjoying your backyard garden.

The first strategy is to limit your exposure to mosquitoes by simply limiting the mosquitoes; ability to reproduce. Mosquitoes reproduce by laying eggs in standing water, so, as a precaution, you should remove any sources of standing water around your home. Clear your yard of any clutter that will enable water to collect after it rains. Ensure that your rain gutters are clear of debris. Remove all bottles and cans from your backyard and place them into a tightly lidded trash can. Also remember to change pet water bowls everyday.

Burn tiki torches filled with citronella oil. Citronella oil is very effective in the evening when mosquitoes are most often at their worst. This oil delivers a natural repellant designed especially for mosquitoes and other pesky insects thus allowing you to take more pleasure in your backyard garden. The tiki torches also provide an unique ambiance that is certainly ideal for savoring your backyard environment. You can even opt to light citronella candle lights and apply repellants which are designed to spray on or massage into your skin. Working with these 100 % natural ingredients provides additional protection for yourself as well as for your youngsters from all of these harmful insects.

You may also choose to use garlic based mosquito repellants. These repellants are extremely effective in creating an inhospitable environment for mosquitoes, and it works for fleas and ticks as well. Using garlic based repellants is different from using citronella. While citronella is burned, garlic based repellents are applied to your lawn, backyard garden area and skin.

Another strategy to make your backyard garden mosquito unfriendly is to fill it with critters that feed on mosquitoes. There isn't anything exactly like a even bigger fish in the water to drive the smaller fish to other stomping grounds. Place trees and shrubs in your backyard garden that appeal to birds that feed on mosquitoes. The mosquitoes will supply an abundance of food for these particular birds while reducing the mosquito population one bite at a time. Purple Martins are renowned for dining on mosquitoes and are a welcome addition to your summer time garden.

Grow lemon thyme as part of your backyard garden. Crushed lemon thyme leaves are considered to be a simple yet effective repellent for mosquitoes. Selecting this particular plant for your personal garden will help you repel mosquitoes the natural way without creating any kind of bad smell in the process.

Mosquitoes are a substantial problem due to the heightened fears associated with West Nile Virus as well as other diseases. Mosquitoes often carry these diseases from one individual to another. For this reason, it's now more crucial than ever to manage the mosquito population and minimize your contact with these harmful insects. The majority of backyard gardeners prefer to accomplish this without incorporating other dangers, such as exposure to chemical substances.

These strategies have provided you with a good deal of natural alternatives to consider when thinking about managing the mosquito population in the backyard garden. Make use of these strategies and you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy your backyard garden with your family, relatives and friends throughout your entire summer.

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