How To Choose The Best Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

There has been a very high demand for healthy slow cooker recipes in recent times. More and more people have discovered that crockpots are not only a healthier cooking alternative, but they can also be used to make a number of mouthwatering dishes. They can also prove to be much more economical in terms of power consumption and the money spent on buying raw materials. However, it's always important to remember that cooking with crockpots is different than conventional cooking. This means that healthy slow cooker dishes need to be made by following certain guidelines in order to be a success.

Understanding How It Works

Before getting into healthy recipes, it's important to know exactly how crockpot cooking is healthier. First of all, the very style of crockpot cooking is healthier than most other cooking methods. With this, the food basically cooks in steam and soaks in its own juices over a span of a few hours. This is beneficial in two ways. One, it seals in any vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the food has. As no evaporation takes place at any time during cooking, all these nutrients are simply reabsorbed into the food. This is an effective alternative to methods like boiling, where the most precious minerals and nutrients end up being cooked away. This slow cooking method also cuts down any risk of burning and frees up a number of hours where you can be away from the kitchen while the food cooks on its own.

Another benefit of these healthy slow cooker recipes is that you attain a rich and hearty flavor without having to resort to methods like deep-frying. A good example is a simple potato dish. Many people prefer deep-fried potatoes because they are very filling when compared to something like a potato salad. However, French fries are not a very healthy way to eat potatoes. A crockpot recipe like cream cheese potatoes can be much more filling, tastier, and far healthier than French fries. This dish basically consists of cream cheese, potatoes, and onions, but this method makes this a robust and delicious meal that is much healthier than a serving of French fries.

Some Useful Tips

When trying to choose the best healthy slow cooker recipes, it can be helpful to keep the following hints in mind when cooking. Try not to use your crockpot to thaw frozen foods or to reheat food. It's important to know that food needs to reach certain temperatures in order for harmful bacteria to be killed, and crockpots are not always the best way to do this. Remember that slow cookers are well adapted to cooking tougher cuts of meat, so you can save a few pennies by buying some cheaper cuts. Make sure that you trim the fat and remove the skin before putting it in the cooker.

Whether you're looking for vegetarian slow cooker recipes or nonvegetarian healthy slow cooker recipes, opt for recipes that are low in salt, fats, and carbohydrates. Many recipes call for wholesome natural ingredients rather than packaged or processed foods. These are not only healthier, but they are much more economical as well. Due to the slow cooking method of crockpots, you'll find that even relatively simple dishes will have a rich and hearty flavor that is both satisfying and filling.

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