Good Kitchen Upgrades That Won’t Break the Bank

It's easy to spend several hundred dollars on your next kitchen upgrade. What's not so easy is finding the most effective kitchen upgrades which cost very little and yet give us a massive amount of value.

This article will look at just those types of upgrades. These are items in our kitchen that we use multiple times per day.

1. Coffee Maker

If you're like most Americans, you love a cup of coffee in the morning to get your juices flowing. But what kind of a coffee maker are you using? If you are using a $5 coffee maker which was on sale at the supermarket, then you might be missing out. There are coffee makers nowadays that can produce espressos, cappuccinos, and even brew different types of teas. For the cost of a new coffee maker, you could significantly increase your quality of your life every single day. These machines are also great for entertaining guests. There is no greater feeling of pride than asking your guests if they'd like a cup of tea, and then knowing that you'll serve them a cup they won't soon forget.

2. Faucet

How many times do you use the faucet each day? Did you know that it is relatively inexpensive to upgrade to a much better faucet head? There are some pretty neat faucet heads on the market which can filter impurities out of the water and that even have adjustable settings to control the pressure. Since you probably use the faucet at least a dozen times per day, why not do it in a clean, comfortable manner?

3. Trash Can

Here is another overlooked part of the kitchen that gets used over and over throughout the day. In the last few years, some great new trash can technologies have been developed. The most remarkable of these is the Touchless trash can. They are called "touchless" because you literally never need to touch them. These garbage bins have a sensor on the lid which can automatically detect when you are ready to throw away a piece of garbage. The lid quietly swings open so that you can quickly toss in your trash. These touchless trash cans have also been shown to drastically reduce the amount of germs spread within a family. These cans are fairly inexpensive considering all that they can do.

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