DIY Kitchen Remodel Demolition

Demolition is an unavoidable part of any home renovation. Although it is usually considered as a part of a larger project, it is better to consider it as its own project. This is especially true with a kitchen remodel. The act of tearing things down in preparation for installing new features can sometimes be damaging if you don't know what you are doing. Take time to educate yourself on the best practices and acquire the right gear.

The first step to renovating your kitchen design ideas is to get rid of the old ones. Here are precautions to take for a successful DIY kitchen remodel demolition.

Set aside time specifically for demo. This could be a certain number of hours, or an entire weekend depending on your schedule. When you set out to demolish, do not attempt to renovate in the same breath; you will be overwhelmed from tearing things a part and will need a physical and mental break from demo before you begin to build up.

Seal off areas that are not going to be remodeled. Do this extremely securely because the dust from a day of demolition will find its way into all the possible nooks and cracks unless they are sealed and taped off completely.

Know what is behind your walls before you tear them down. There can be electrical wiring, water pipes, or any other number of dangerous or difficult materials inside of a wall. Be sure that you know what they are and where they are to avoid emergency circumstances.

It is best to pick up as you go. This may seem daunting, but the work area in a demolition can become littered with hazardous materials so it is best to clean as you go to avoid silly injuries.

Invest in a rolloff or hauling service for all of the waste. It is a major hassle to take multiple trips to the dump, and is well worth the money to just rent a service that will take care of it for you while you are demoing for your new kitchen design ideas.

Acquire the right tools. This includes a sledge hammer, crowbar, prybar, and claw hammer among others. You will also want boots, coveralls, and a respirator or dusk mask. These items will help with efficiency, safety, and in keeping your clothes in-tact.

Kitchen improvement projects are fun even when there is a lot of manual labor. They are fun when you are appropriately prepared with timeline, tools, and protective gear. In fact, doing your own demolition can be extremely rewarding.

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