Cave Exploring is an Extreme Sport That Can Take You to Hell and Back

When it comes to extreme sports most people think about rock climbing, base jumping, high-speed motorcycle racing, jet boat racing, aircraft aerobatics competitions, or skateboarders as they're flying up in the air off 60 foot ramps during the X-games. Most people do not think of Cave exploring as an extreme sport. But I can tell you one thing, the terrain is very extreme and it is similar to mountain climbing, rock climbing, or ice climbing. It takes someone who is rugged, agile, and fearless, with emphasis on the fearless.

The thrill of the unknown is what cave exploring is known for. Cave exploring is definitely an extreme sport that can take you to Hell and back in the same day. And if you think it is easy climbing around in pitch black caves with only artificial lighting, think again. There are all kinds of things down there in those caves and it is pretty easy to get lost because everything looks different when you're going the other way.

This is why cave explorers must leave markers as they go. It also makes sense when leaving the marker to look back and light up where you've been. This will help your visual memory get a sense of how to get out once you're done exploring. Some people like to go Cave-Exploring by themselves, but this is very bad advice in case one gets hurt. Incidentally, not all caves go exactly horizontal, as there are vertical shafts, cliffs, and even underground water at a chilling temp. Please consider all this.

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