Addressing Aggressive Animal Behavior

Working with animals and their training is enough of a communication work-out for anyone. But when you have an animal with aggressive behavior towards you or the other animals in the group or pack, this can make things even that much more of a barrier.

There are a few different ways you can work on animal aggressive issues, but working with crystals and their energy fields I have found to be the easiest and quickest for these types of situations.

If this is your animal companion, you can make a Blue Lace Agate pendant for the animal to wear on his or her collar or harness. Make sure you cleanse this pendant before attaching it to their collar or harness. Program this as well to help with their aggressive issues. Cleanse this roughly every 7 days, depending on how severe the issues are within the animal companion.

For group or pack work, make sure you have a Blue Tourmaline on hand. Rub this quickly and this will charge the ends of it with a positive and negative charge. Make sure you direct the positive end near the aggressive animal companion, as this will disperse the energy and bring about tranquility and a calmness behavior in them.

If the issues, with your own animal or those in a group or pack setting, continue make sure to couple this with Rose Quartz to balance out the self-love aspect within the animal. You can place this on the animal's collar or harness, or surround the area that the group or pack is working in to enhance the abilities.

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