3 Benefits From Using Containers in Your Backyard Garden

Container gardening, as it is commonly called, is a fun and sometimes necessary way to establish your backyard garden. Some people use containers because they think they're pretty, while others use them because they just don't have the room in their backyard for a larger garden. The truth is there are many benefits to using containers and I've highlighted three of my favorites below:

1. Space Savers - If you already have an established garden full of shrubs and flowers and you like it as it is or there's no room for additional plants, then containers are a great option for you. Or, maybe you live in an apartment with only a small outdoor patio? A pot full of red-ripened strawberries and mixed in with some small herbs like mint is within your reach. Maybe you just don't like the look of raised beds made of wood taking over your backyard? If you're already using your backyard for entertaining or you have a pool that prevents you from planting a large garden, containers can be a great way to go. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and finishes. There are literally pots and containers for all types of situations and people. There are glossy, bright-colored pots for the more artistic folks and red clay pots for the more traditional look. There are tall, rectangular pots and short, round pots. Whichever you choose, you're saving a lot of space by using pots in your backyard garden.

2. Mobility - Most containers can also be moved around your yard and there are a few reasons why this is important. If you're using your backyard for entertaining, the ability to move your backyard garden out of the way is ideal. Or, let's say you originally liked the idea of your garden along the fence on the east side of your yard, but once there, you realized next to the patio was a better place. With pots and containers you don't have to dig up and relocate your newly planted garden. Another reason is sunshine. During different times of the year, the sun shines brighter and longer on different parts of your yard. What a great benefit it is to be able to move your pots around your backyard from season to season to maximize time in the sun and reap greater rewards at harvest time.Also, some plants require starting indoors and some climates are harder on plants than others. It's nice to be able to move your containers inside or outside, if necessary, depending on the weather.

3. That Was Easy! - That's right, with only a few items; you can start your own backyard garden using containers. Once you have your pot or pots picked out, all you need is good soil and some compost and your ready to rock 'n roll. I'm not kidding, the time it takes to place some soil and compost in a pot and add your seeds or plants is simply astounding. There's no time-intensive constructing of raised beds or trying to decide what plants you're going to remove from your existing garden to make room for your new green beans. It's just, purchase, plant, water and your good-to-go. Many people, with their busy schedules and jam-packed weekends just don't have the time to work on a garden and, sadly, that is all too common these days. Fortunately, for these same people there are easy ways to enjoy fresh, homegrown food right from their backyard gardens. Containers are also easy for children to experiment with. I've left my little ones with a small pot and some store bought veggies and after watching me a couple of times, they too, were able to start their own little garden. There is no arguing that container gardening is the easiest of all methods.

Containers can be the only way you go or maybe you want to use them along with the other ideas mentioned above. No matter, they are always a great compliment to any space, big or small. Backyard gardening can be done by literally anyone, using pots and containers and the benefits can be so rewarding.

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