Vehicle Maintenance Policy – 5 Steps to Create a Maintenance Policy

When you manage an auto fleet, you need to have a clear vehicle maintenance policy for those working with these cars. A policy will regulate everything related to the vehicles and will keep everything running smoothly without interference of anyone. Here you can find out more about the basic steps of creating a automobile maintenance policy for a car fleet.

#1 Start with counting all the motorized vehicles under your command in order to find out do you need to own a maintenance shop or not. If you have a reasonable number of cars then it would be more economical to have a mechanic shop of your own as this will save you a lot. If you only have a few vehicles then it is better to make a contract with several mechanic shops to fix and maintain your vehicles.

#2 Your automobile maintenance policy should state clearly which part of the maintenance you (the company) pay for and which one does the driver pay for (if any). This will help clarify everything for those working with you.

#3 The maintenance policy should clear where they should get the spare parts from. Locating a specific place to buy the spare parts will guarantee that all your cars will enjoy the same level of maintenance and the same quality of spare parts.

#4 It is very important to state in your vehicle maintenance policy whom to call in case of accident or emergency. This will keep everything done with no complications and will help get the jobs done with no delay.

#5 Finally, your policy should have alternative solutions in cases or emergency. For example, if you find that the mechanic shop is closed for any reason, where can you fix your car that you need urgently?

All these points should be covered in your policy.

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