Soul Food Recipes – Still the Ultimate Comfort Foods – Getting Healthier?

Soul food recipes have a strong popularity as the ultimate comfort foods. African Americans have long saw this popular comfort food as more than a way to sustain life, for nourishment or even as a taste treat. This tasty southern cuisine has been a traditional source of inner strength in times filled with struggle, discrimination and social affliction.

Many people still see soul food recipes as a quiet power that has been a steady source of uplifting encouragement and inspiration. This southern food, born out of the depths of slavery, has a history of the go to food in times of celebration, marking milestones and as a source of physical comfort and solace.

The Changes Quietly Taking Place Before Your Eyes

Comfort food is described as simple food that brings comfortable feelings and a sense of well being to the consumer. That description describes soul food cooking to millions of people. The popularity of this southern cuisine and the taste of home comfort food continues to grow as it continues to adjust to people's changing taste. More people are demanding healthier choices in there diet. Now you will find more recipes growing leaner and healthier.

For example, healthier cooking has emerged to meet the growing demand for nourishing dishes that still taste good. Because while traditional soul food has always had the reputation for robust flavor and satisfaction, many critics have expressed concern at the high calories. They high salt and fat content has always caught the concern of health experts.

How Calorie Concerns Are Being Met

Those concerns are continually addressed by soul food recipe experts as well as many restaurants as they offer healthier and leaner cooking. They've also adapted healthier seasoning. For example, natural herbs and seasonings and less fat back, ham hocks and bacon. Many of the traditional methods of cooking soul food recipes have given way to healthier non-traditional cooking methods. for example, stir frying, steaming and even poaching. You'll find more recipes calling for less deep fat frying, lighter oils and less boiling.

For example, boiling tends to rob vegetables of vitamins and valuable nutrients, especially when boiled in large amounts of water for long periods of time. You'll find many of the newer soul food recipes calling for stir-frying and steaming of vegetables traditional southern style vegetables. For example, collard greens, sweet potatoes, yams, cabbage and others.

Here's a List of the Top 20 Soul Food Recipes voted by our readers this month.

1. Candied Yams

2. Macaroni and Cheese

3. Fried Cabbage

4. Peach Cobbler

5. Banana Pudding

6. Fried Chicken

7. Southern Meat Loaf

8. Sweet Potato Pie

9. Sock-It-To-Me Cake

10. 7-Up Cake

11. Collard Greens

12. Southern Biscuits

13. Dirty Rice

14. Red Velvet Cake

15. Cornbread Stuffing

16. Southern Style Potato Salad

17. Coleslaw

18. Barbecue Chicken

19. Buttermilk Cornbread

20. Chicken and Dumplings

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