Pros and Cons of Organic Gardening for Beginners

These days, everybody raves about organic products. People state that it is important to only go for organic products because they do not contain any unwanted chemicals. Although organic products tend to be slightly more expensive than ordinary products, they do have their benefits. One reason why these products are more expensive is due to the fact that organic gardens are harder to maintain. In this article, we examine the pros and cons of starting an organic garden. It is even more important for beginners to understand what the pros and cons are because it can make or break their gardening adventure.

Let's first start withe the cons of organic gardening. One big problem that most organic farmers face is the presence of pest. Since they are no longer using pesticide to keep insects and rodents away, they have to resort to other natural measures to keep them off the gardens and lawns. This has proven to be extremely difficult for gardeners. For example, some gardeners have found it difficult to keep rodents like moles away from their garden because the natural methods were not effective. As a newcomer to gardening, it is important to understand that you will have to deal with such problems once your garden is growing. No matter how stressful it is, you must not falter and succumb to the use of chemicals such as pesticides.

Another concern regarding organic gardening is the costs involved. For example, you have to purchase organic compost instead of ordinary ones. As mentioned earlier, organic products tend to be more expensive than ordinary products so you have to be greatly aware of the costs involved. Make sure you create a budget because you start a garden. If you have no problems with the costs involved then go ahead and start digging.

What about the benefits? If you are growing fruits and vegetables then you can consume them with the knowledge that they are safe to eat. For gardeners, one of the best feelings come when people comment on how delicious your fruits and vegetables are. Ideally, organic gardening provides a path to sustainable living. You no longer have to rely on others to give you food.

Another benefit of organic gardening is the fact that you won't be exposed to harmful chemicals while gardening. Even if you wear protective clothes while spraying chemicals such as pesticide, there is no guarantee that you won't be exposed to them later on.

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