Planting and Growing Herbs With Success – Herb Gardening For Beginners

When you are herb growing and planting herbs there are some general rules to follow. Knowing where to plant your herbs and how to care for them goes a long way to make herb gardening easy. Beginners can start by learning some general rules for herb gardening.

General Rules

• Choose a sunny location.
• Plant in well drained soil.
• Prune your plants to keep new growth coming.
• Follow the instructions on the tag when you buy the herb.

Like duh! follow the instructions on the tag? Yep, you would be surprised how many times I come across unhappy herb plants that have been put in the wrong place. This not only hard on the plants but hard on you.

What is meant by full sun?

Most of the standard well know herbs require full sun: basil, oregano, rosemary, chives, sage, dill, and thyme. Sun for 8 to 10 hours a day is considered full sun. All of these herbs in a sunny herb garden would look great!

What is meant by partial shade?

Plants that can thrive in partial shade need 1 to 7 hours of sun. Even herbs that can tolerated partial shade will lean towards wanting 6 to 7 hours of sun. Morning or afternoon sun would be great for lavender, tarragon, parsley, marjoram. But even these plants like full sun.

What is meant by full shade?

Full shade means that the area dappled with sunlight or is always shady. The area gets little or no direct sunlight. This can be areas where the sun never shines but the area is still bright. For example: under a tall trees or on the north side of a brightly painted house. Chervil and sweet woodruff are true shade plants.

Pruning your herb plants.

Plan on spending time pruning your herb plants. They are meant to be used and love to be pruned often and used. Clipping and using fresh herbs, is half the pleasure of growing herbs. When planting herbs plan ahead. Whether you are planing a culinary garden, a kitchen garden or a container herb garden plan on your garden getting a lot of sun. You want your herb growing to be a big success.

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